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Are you a leader or a boss? How do your leadership skills shape up? What does a leadership function mean to you?

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Speaker Lothar Abicht
Lothar Abicht
Speaker Dani Arnold
Dani Arnold
Speaker Erich Artner
Erich Artner
Speaker Frank Asmus
Frank Asmus
Speaker Deniz Aytekin
Deniz Aytekin
Speaker Guido H. Baltes
Guido H. Baltes
Speaker Henning Beck
Henning Beck
Speaker Lars Behrendt
Lars Behrendt
Speaker John Bercow
John Bercow
Speaker Christian Berg
Christian Berg
Speaker Florian Bernschneider
Florian Bernschneider
Speaker Evelyne Binsack
Evelyne Binsack
Speaker Anja Blacha
Anja Blacha
Speaker Markus Blum
Markus Blum
Speaker Benedikt Böhm
Benedikt Böhm
Speaker René Borbonus
René Borbonus
Speaker David Bosshart
David Bosshart
Speaker Nicole Brandes
Nicole Brandes
Speaker Christian Bredlow
Christian Bredlow
Speaker Holger Bröer
Holger Bröer
Speaker Felix Brych
Felix Brych
Speaker Christoph Burkhardt
Christoph Burkhardt
Speaker Steffi Burkhart
Steffi Burkhart
Speaker Sebastian Coe
Sebastian Coe
Speaker Tim Cortinovis
Tim Cortinovis
Speaker Marina Cvetkovic
Marina Cvetkovic
Speaker Dietmar Dahmen
Dietmar Dahmen
Speaker Bruce Dickinson
Bruce Dickinson
Speaker Thomas Druyen
Thomas Druyen
Speaker Lisa Eckhardt
Lisa Eckhardt
Speaker Alex Edmans
Alex Edmans
Speaker Chester Elton
Chester Elton
Speaker Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Speaker John Foley
John Foley
Speaker Anja Förster
Anja Förster
Speaker Rafael Fuchsgruber
Rafael Fuchsgruber
Speaker Cristián Gálvez
Cristián Gálvez
Speaker Christian Gansch
Christian Gansch
Speaker Silvia Garcia
Silvia Garcia
Speaker Marc Gassert
Marc Gassert
Speaker Birgit Gebhardt
Birgit Gebhardt
Speaker Dominique Gisin
Dominique Gisin
Speaker Adrian Gostick
Adrian Gostick
Speaker Nikki Greenberg
Nikki Greenberg
Speaker Suzanne Grieger-Langer
Suzanne Grieger-Langer
Speaker Dietrich Grönemeyer
Dietrich Grönemeyer
Speaker Michael Gross
Michael Gross
Speaker Jyoti Guptara
Jyoti Guptara
Speaker Gregor Gysi
Gregor Gysi
Speaker Lukas Haitzmann
Lukas Haitzmann
Speaker Bob Hanning
Bob Hanning
Speaker Fredrik Haren
Fredrik Haren
Speaker Marc Hauser
Marc Hauser
Speaker Chris Heemskerk
Chris Heemskerk
Speaker Oliver Heer
Oliver Heer
Speaker Nicole Heimann
Nicole Heimann
Speaker Bernhard Heusler
Bernhard Heusler
Speaker Marga Hoek
Marga Hoek
Speaker Uli Hoeness
Uli Hoeness
Speaker Markus Hofmann
Markus Hofmann
Speaker Sabine Hübner
Sabine Hübner
Speaker Bernd Hufnagl
Bernd Hufnagl
Speaker Anders Indset
Anders Indset
Speaker Edgar Itt
Edgar Itt
Speaker Steffi Jones
Steffi Jones
Speaker Oliver Kahn
Oliver Kahn
Speaker Garry Kasparov
Garry Kasparov
Speaker David Katz
David Katz
Speaker Deniz Kayadelen
Deniz Kayadelen
Speaker Philip Keil
Philip Keil
Speaker Parag Khanna
Parag Khanna
Speaker Rahel Kindermann
Rahel Kindermann
Speaker Brett King
Brett King
Speaker Dennis-Kenji Kipker
Dennis-Kenji Kipker
Speaker Bianca-Maria Klein
Bianca-Maria Klein
Speaker Torsten Kleint
Torsten Kleint
Speaker Sabina Kocherhans
Sabina Kocherhans
Speaker Jitske Kramer
Jitske Kramer
Speaker Peter Kreuz
Peter Kreuz
Speaker Andreas Kuffner
Andreas Kuffner
Speaker Selma Kuyas
Selma Kuyas
Speaker Daniela Landherr
Daniela Landherr
Speaker Ralf Lanwehr
Ralf Lanwehr
Speaker Tim Leberecht
Tim Leberecht
Speaker Missy Lee
Missy Lee
Speaker Deborah Levi
Deborah Levi
Speaker Sarah Lewandowski
Sarah Lewandowski
Speaker Rob Lilwall
Rob Lilwall
Speaker Christian Lindemann
Christian Lindemann
Speaker Jakob Lipp
Jakob Lipp
Speaker Peter Lüder
Peter Lüder
Speaker Kristina Lunz
Kristina Lunz
Speaker Gerlinde Manz-Christ
Gerlinde Manz-Christ
Speaker Leo Martin
Leo Martin
Speaker Inma Martinez
Inma Martinez
Speaker Frédéric Mathier
Frédéric Mathier
Speaker Renée Mauborgne
Renée Mauborgne
Speaker Miriam Meckel
Miriam Meckel
Speaker Urs Meier
Urs Meier
Speaker Michaela Merk
Michaela Merk
Speaker Reinhold Messner
Reinhold Messner
Speaker Pero Mićić
Pero Mićić
Speaker Matthew Mockridge
Matthew Mockridge
Speaker Aileen Moeck
Aileen Moeck
Speaker Manuel P. Nappo
Manuel P. Nappo
Speaker Dominik Neidhart
Dominik Neidhart
Speaker Susanne Nickel
Susanne Nickel
Speaker Paul Niel
Paul Niel
Speaker Dani Nieth
Dani Nieth
Speaker Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki
Speaker Angela Oguntala
Angela Oguntala
Speaker Elly Oldenbourg
Elly Oldenbourg
Speaker Rainer Petek
Rainer Petek
Speaker Frederik G. Pferdt
Frederik G. Pferdt
Speaker Bertrand Piccard
Bertrand Piccard
Speaker Erik Qualman
Erik Qualman
Speaker German Ramirez
German Ramirez
Speaker Markus Reitzig
Markus Reitzig
Speaker Maria Ressa
Maria Ressa
Speaker Victoria Riess
Victoria Riess
Speaker Lucas Sauberschwarz
Lucas Sauberschwarz
Speaker Florence Schelling
Florence Schelling
Speaker Eva Elisa Schneider
Eva Elisa Schneider
Speaker Eva Schulte-Austum
Eva Schulte-Austum
Speaker Michael Schulz
Michael Schulz
Speaker Ralf Schumacher
Ralf Schumacher
Speaker Jochen Schweizer
Jochen Schweizer
Speaker Hans-Werner Sinn
Hans-Werner Sinn
Speaker Detlef Soost
Detlef Soost
Speaker Reinhard K. Sprenger
Reinhard K. Sprenger
Speaker Holger Stanislawski
Holger Stanislawski
Speaker Alex T. Steffen
Alex T. Steffen
Speaker Matthias Steiner
Matthias Steiner
Speaker Holger Stromberg
Holger Stromberg
Speaker Daniela Suter
Daniela Suter
Speaker Roman F. Szeliga
Roman F. Szeliga
Speaker Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor
Speaker Tina Teucher
Tina Teucher
Speaker Erich Vad
Erich Vad
Speaker Maike van den Boom
Maike van den Boom
Speaker Jacques Villeneuve
Jacques Villeneuve
Speaker Kristina Vogel
Kristina Vogel
Speaker Cay von Fournier
Cay von Fournier
Speaker Rüdiger von Fritsch
Rüdiger von Fritsch
Speaker Paul Wilhelm von Preussen
Paul Wilhelm von Preussen
Speaker Sebastian Wächter
Sebastian Wächter
Speaker Marc Wallert
Marc Wallert
Speaker Sarik Weber
Sarik Weber
Speaker Christian Wehner
Christian Wehner
Speaker Robin Weninger
Robin Weninger
Speaker Isabell Werth
Isabell Werth
Speaker Kati Wilhelm
Kati Wilhelm
Speaker Nicola Winter
Nicola Winter
Speaker Ingolf Wunder
Ingolf Wunder
Speaker Anja Wyden Guelpa
Anja Wyden Guelpa
Speaker Ranga Yogeshwar
Ranga Yogeshwar
Speaker Oliver Zeidler
Oliver Zeidler
Speaker Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
Speaker Stephanie zu Guttenberg
Stephanie zu Guttenberg
Speaker Thomas H. Zurbuchen
Thomas H. Zurbuchen
Speaker Thomas H. Zurbuchen
Thomas H. Zurbuchen

Leadership & Motivation in a modern business world

Leadership tasks are a part of the management role and include planning, organizing, leading and supervising. Are leaders responsible for management tasks or do management and leadership roles coincide?

A strong development: from manager to leader. presents excellent speakers on these and other topics such as authenticity, team processes, personality development, understanding what makes people tick, personality studies and body language. Different Thinking – Different Leading: the key to unlocking business success.