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Intercultural Management - Cross Culture Keynote Speakers

Intercultural Management & Cross Culture: The Power of Cultural Leadership – a key skill in the global economy. Are you familiar with the dos and don’ts when it comes to your international colleagues, employees and business partners? Do you work in a global team? Is your company internationally active? In the wake of globalization, traditional management methods are no longer enough, structures need to be adapted and intercultural management and leadership are rapidly becoming indispensable skills for the future. Issues such as: Guangxi, Islam, culture, multicultural management, cross-cultural leadership and managing global virtual teams are becoming increasingly important. Our speakers are clued up on these topics, because we are convinced that future leadership is cultural leadership.
Greg Lindsay Keynote Speaker Smart Cities Future of Work

Greg Lindsay

Greg Lindsay : How will people choose to live after this catastrophic pandemic? What are the Trends?
Arturo Bris Professor of Finance IMD Lausanne

Arturo Bris

Arturo Bris is Professor of Finance at the IMD in Lausanne & CEO of the World Competitiveness Center (WCC).

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