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Persistent stress and an irregular work-life balance can burden managers and employees with a huge and constant pressure to perform. Motivation drops among individuals and teams and success fails to materialize. Make a difference by keeping motivation levels in your company high.

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Speaker Dani Arnold
Dani Arnold
Speaker Erich Artner
Erich Artner
Speaker Deniz Aytekin
Deniz Aytekin
Speaker Evelyne Binsack
Evelyne Binsack
Speaker Anja Blacha
Anja Blacha
Speaker Benedikt Böhm
Benedikt Böhm
Speaker Nicole Brandes
Nicole Brandes
Speaker Felix Brych
Felix Brych
Speaker Steffi Burkhart
Steffi Burkhart
Speaker Volker Busch
Volker Busch
Speaker Marina Cvetkovic
Marina Cvetkovic
Speaker Kai Dahlhaus
Kai Dahlhaus
Speaker Lisa Eckhardt
Lisa Eckhardt
Speaker Chester Elton
Chester Elton
Speaker Daniel Engelbrecht
Daniel Engelbrecht
Speaker John Foley
John Foley
Speaker Rafael Fuchsgruber
Rafael Fuchsgruber
Speaker Christian Gansch
Christian Gansch
Speaker Silvia Garcia
Silvia Garcia
Speaker Marc Gassert
Marc Gassert
Speaker Dominique Gisin
Dominique Gisin
Speaker Adrian Gostick
Adrian Gostick
Speaker Marc Hauser
Marc Hauser
Speaker Nicole Heimann
Nicole Heimann
Speaker Norbert Hillinger
Norbert Hillinger
Speaker Simon Hofer
Simon Hofer
Speaker Markus Hofmann
Markus Hofmann
Speaker Daniel Hunold
Daniel Hunold
Speaker Philip Keil
Philip Keil
Speaker Joey Kelly
Joey Kelly
Speaker Dennis-Kenji Kipker
Dennis-Kenji Kipker
Speaker Peter Kreuz
Peter Kreuz
Speaker Daniela Landherr
Daniela Landherr
Speaker Ralf Lanwehr
Ralf Lanwehr
Speaker Gerd Leonhard
Gerd Leonhard
Speaker Rob Lilwall
Rob Lilwall
Speaker Christian Lindemann
Christian Lindemann
Speaker Sascha Lobo
Sascha Lobo
Speaker Urs Meier
Urs Meier
Speaker Michaela Merk
Michaela Merk
Speaker Reinhold Messner
Reinhold Messner
Speaker Dominik Neidhart
Dominik Neidhart
Speaker Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki
Speaker Bertrand Piccard
Bertrand Piccard
Speaker Katja Porsch
Katja Porsch
Speaker Thomas Ramge
Thomas Ramge
Speaker Zara Rutherford
Zara Rutherford
Speaker Florence Schelling
Florence Schelling
Speaker Eva Schulte-Austum
Eva Schulte-Austum
Speaker Jochen Schweizer
Jochen Schweizer
Speaker Reinhard K. Sprenger
Reinhard K. Sprenger
Speaker Holger Stanislawski
Holger Stanislawski
Speaker Alex T. Steffen
Alex T. Steffen
Speaker Roman F. Szeliga
Roman F. Szeliga
Speaker Maike van den Boom
Maike van den Boom
Speaker Jacques Villeneuve
Jacques Villeneuve
Speaker Kristina Vogel
Kristina Vogel
Speaker Sebastian Wächter
Sebastian Wächter
Speaker Marc Wallert
Marc Wallert
Speaker Kati Wilhelm
Kati Wilhelm
Speaker Nicola Winter
Nicola Winter
Speaker Gerd Wirtz
Gerd Wirtz
Speaker Gerd Wirtz
Gerd Wirtz
Speaker Anja Wyden Guelpa
Anja Wyden Guelpa

Keynote Speaker & Experts talk about Team Building and Motivation

Reach your goals and prevail over your competitors. Dare to do the impossible and be bold. Let us support you in your endeavours with the right keynote speaker, adventurer, pioneers, sportsperson, mountaineer, mental coach or communications trainer.

Authentic and sustainable team building isn’t achieved through outings or games. Building a good team is hard work and one of the team leader’s most important tasks. Build your team. Overcome conflicts with teamwork and boost motivation. Human resources can support you in your team developing endeavours.

A positive work environment fosters an atmosphere of trust and cooperation among team members. Nurture team spirit through cooperation and increase work efficiency. supports you with the right speakers and coaches for authentic team building work, workshops, coaching sessions and presentations.