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Enthusiasm instead of burnout. Are you healthy? How healthy is your business?

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Speaker Evelyne Binsack
Evelyne Binsack
Speaker Benedikt Böhm
Benedikt Böhm
Speaker Volker Busch
Volker Busch
Speaker Frank Busemann
Frank Busemann
Speaker Sebastian Coe
Sebastian Coe
Speaker Marc Gassert
Marc Gassert
Speaker Dietrich Grönemeyer
Dietrich Grönemeyer
Speaker Tristan Horx
Tristan Horx
Speaker Bernd Hufnagl
Bernd Hufnagl
Speaker Sven Jungmann
Sven Jungmann
Speaker Joey Kelly
Joey Kelly
Speaker Liv Kraemer
Liv Kraemer
Speaker Daniela Landherr
Daniela Landherr
Speaker Georges T. Roos
Georges T. Roos
Speaker Theresa Schleicher
Theresa Schleicher
Speaker Eva Elisa Schneider
Eva Elisa Schneider
Speaker Tom Sietas
Tom Sietas
Speaker Detlef Soost
Detlef Soost
Speaker Matthias Steiner
Matthias Steiner
Speaker Holger Stromberg
Holger Stromberg
Speaker Roman F. Szeliga
Roman F. Szeliga
Speaker Marc Wallert
Marc Wallert
Speaker Robin Weninger
Robin Weninger
Speaker Gerd Wirtz
Gerd Wirtz
Speaker Oliver Zeidler
Oliver Zeidler

Speaker & Experts on Healthcare, Longevity, Fitness & Nutrition

Health is becoming an increasingly important workplace issue, and companies are focusing more and more on promoting good health among their employees. 

Creating a stress-free work environment, tackling burnout issues and prevention demand professional health management. 

We have the right speakers and experts for you and your event when it comes to topics such as health, nutrition, anti-aging, fitness, happiness, humour, fear and work-life balance. To ensure that you regain that passion to perform.

Lecture Topics of our Speaker & Trainer

  • Corporate Health Management
  • Healthcare & health trends
  • healthy nutrition & performance
  • prevention & precaution
  • Psychological Safety
  • E-Health & Mental Health

Longevity - Healthy longevity, quality of life & performance readiness.

The pursuit of longevity and a healthy work-life balance is a complex endeavor that requires a holistic approach. By integrating healthy lifestyle habits and drawing inspiration from leaders in the field, we can not only increase our life expectancy, but also ensure that those extra years are filled with vitality, joy and fulfillment. Let’s move forward together on this exciting path to longevity, supported by the knowledge and experience of experts, speakers and thought lead.

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