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Yossi Ghinsberg - Laws of the Jungle: Jaguars don't need self-help books.

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Jungle-Author Yossi Ghinsberg has an incredible story of surviving the Amazon is one of our generations most unique Thought Leaders, Storyteller and Keynote Speakers.

Ghinsberg is a master storyteller with an epic story to share. Lost alone in the midst of the Amazon rainforest for three weeks, he not only survived, he found new meaning for his life and work. The author of the international bestseller ‘Jungle’, now a major motion picture starring Daniel Radcliffe, Yossi was recently rated as one of the top ten speakers in the business. As a gifted storyteller, Yossi has developed a keynote topic designed to inspire and sow seeds of growth and positive transformation in the minds and hearts of corporate audiences. Each of Yossi’s messages is wrapped in riveting original stories of adventure and resilience. Yossi, a master storyteller, recounts his tales and life-learnings so that audiences feel as if they are right there with him.

Author of ‘Jungle’ and ’Laws of the Jungle’, Yossi Ghinsberg is one of the most compelling speakers of his generation. Yossi’s messages are inspirational and unique – based on his personal story of being lost in the Amazon for 20 harrowing days. It is an experience that must be heard to be believed.

His first book ‘Jungle’, based on this incredible adventure, soon became an international bestseller. The Discovery Channel has also recently released a feature length documentary film based on Yossi’s story called ‘Escape from the Amazon’. Born and raised in Israel, Yossi served three years in the Israeli Navy on the Red Sea. Yossi now speaks to his audiences about survival and the ability to take vision and turn it into reality. His keynote presentations are suited for organisations looking to inspire and motivate people toward their goals, despite adversity or unfavourable circumstances. Time and again Yossi’s presentations leave people on the edge of their seats. Yossi Ghinsberg is a rare voice of our generation that makes him a memorable favourite around the globe.

Speech topics of Yossi Ghinsberg:

After a tragic separation from his friends, one man is lost alone for weeks in the heart of the Amazon with no food or weapons, in the midst of the worst rainy season in decades. Through this amazing experience Yossi Ghinsberg takes his audiences on an emotional experience of inner strength and self-discovery. This keynote presentation is based on Yossi’s international bestseller ‘Jungle’, now also a documentary produced by the Discovery Channel. Apart from the sheer excitement of Yossi’s presentation Yossi:
– Empowers audiences to adapt to their circumstances. They learn that we are co-creators of our own realities.
– Explores how adversity is part of life; being a victim a matter of choice.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change”. This famous adage by Charles Darwin reminds us that change is the only constant. As inherent and inevitable as change is, it is still perceived by many individuals and organizations as a problem. A master storyteller, Yossi’s keynote on change is not a lecture but a journey. Audiences will learn:
– How to release their judgments, allowing access to new perspectives
– Maintain and develop their own responsibility and power.

LAWS OF THE JUNGLE – Jaguars Don’t Need Self-Help Books
The only species that separates and alienates itself from nature is our own. Isolated in that seclusion we either try to dominate nature or protect ourselves from it. In this keynote, Yossi asks his audience to see ‘the big picture’ and remember that it is our birth right to be and feel part of our planet and the entire universe we live in. The ‘Laws of the Jungle’ can be delivered as a 60 to 90 minute keynote or extended to a three hour breakout session. Audiences will:
– Be taught the ‘Laws of the Jungle’ bringing breakthroughs and transformations to both individuals and organizations.
– Why these laws are vital and cannot be ignored.

THE MANIFESTATION OF VISION – Eightfold Path of Action
Success is the most sought after need of individuals and organizations. Yet success seems elusive as it is defined in many different ways and always seems to belong somewhere in the future. Through eight carefully crafted actions, The Manifestation of Vision participants are initiated into a new realm of possibilities, where the present moment is of clarity and the futures are unrestricted. The Eightfold Path of Action indicates that this course is about ‘doing’ rather than ‘thinking’ about it. This session will:
– Enable and empower participants to meet any adversity as a challenge and confront it as a consolidated team.
– Following the seminar all attendees receive access to a closed discussion forum for continued support and ongoing change.

Bringing Amazon Survival Skills to Business – Transformative Leadership Keynotes
What can leaders learn from a man who survived against all the odds in the Amazon Jungle? Yossi’s survival skills for business are designed to shift a leader’s perspective and inspire them to always assume responsibility, taking their game to the next level. His energy is contagious – his insights mind-bending and counter-intuitive.
Leaders will take away:
•Survival is not a negative. Survival is a desired state for the workplace, driving everyone to their peak performance.
Survival should be part of the work culture since survival is an intense competition where everybody wins, and no one loses.
•Survival equals peak performance – peak performance of all faculties – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – all are at the top of their game and consolidated on one single purpose.
•Survival is extremely efficient. The ‘secret sauce’ of survival is the realization that competition is a waste of energy and inefficient hence a poor survival strategy. A better, more efficient strategy is investing the energy in innovation, creating a Niche Monopoly™.
•Niche Monopoly™ is nature’s secret weapon in generating greater yields with less effort. In niche monopolies you have no competition; no energy is wasted. The free energy can be invested in rewarding the team, giving back to society and investing in further innovation to maintain the edge of the Niche Monopoly™.

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