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Veit Etzold: STORYTELLING. The right Goal - The right Story - The right Way

Veit Etzold - Strategy & Story = Implementation!

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Strategy, Storytelling, Transformation
The right Goal – The right Story – The right Way

Strategy is the  way to achieve your goals in combat against the competition.

A story is the  way the  hero  reaches a happy end in combat against the villain.
That‘s  why a story is the  best way to explain a strategy. And thus it is the  first step towards its  successful implementation.

Dr. Veit Etzold – Expert for Strategy and Storytelling

Dr. Veit Etzold, 15 years’ management experience in multinational corporations and consulting companies. 16 books published in seven countries, more than 300.000 copies sold.

Dr. Veit Etzold has many years’ experience working for various large companies, start-ups, in management consulting (Boston Consulting Group), as well as in management training (European School of Management and Technology, ESMT). He is also a successful author of non-fiction books and thrillers, a contributor at the Harvard Business Manager (the German edition of the Harvard Business Review) and a sought-after keynote speaker. Dr Etzold holds a PhD in media studies and an MBA from IESE Business School.

Female Storytelling
Confidence comes as a snail. And runs off like a horse. The question of being promoted, depends on trust, simple as that. The “moments of truth” in which women can show that it pays to trust in them, are unfortunately few in everyday business. There are appraisal interviews, feedback sessions or informal meetings. Sometimes it’s just an accidental meeting in the cafeteria or in the elevator, where women can talk with their superiors and explain clearly and briefly why they are a perfect match for the higher position.
In Veit Etzolds new lecture he explains how “Female Storytelling” can help women to maneuver and succeed in the male-dominated world.

Strategy – Impact – Implementation
The world has a problem. Most companies are failing or struggling in three aspects of their strategy: the strategy itself, its story and its implementation. The reason is that nowadays leaders are not defining clear goals, not communicating how the company has to put the strategy into effect and, ultimately, not seeing the impact of their ideas. In brief, the strategy is unclear and so is its impact and implementation. And  that makes it one of the biggest challenges that today’s managers are facing.

In his keynote, Veit Etzold shows managers how to combine these three subjects to develop a holistic corporate image and enables them to present their ‘change story’ in a way that can not only be easily understood by everyone but also sustainably implemented. Etzold shows how a strategy can come off  the drawing board in the executive floor of a Frankfurt skyscraper and be found again on the last shelf of the assembly line of an Indonesian packing station and still be the exact same story.

The keynote shows the best ways to develop clear corporate goals and strategies, how to communicate them sustainably and how to anchor them effectively in the company.

Strategy and  Storytelling
Every strategy needs the right story. Just as the strategy defines the path to the goal, the story defines the way  from the beginning to the happy end. If you  can tell  stories you  have a clear advantage when it comes to complex turnarounds, change initiatives or the sale of high-priced products and services.

Stories are simple, attract attention and stick in the audience’s mind. Furthermore, everyone is a storyteller. Ever  since ancient times, people have told stories describing the ‘best practices’ that helped them secure their survival. That’s why the bouncer at the door of your brain lets stories in immediately, while PowerPoint-style fact-heavy communication must wait outside.

The keynote conveys how leaders can use storytelling to sell their strategy, their products or their ideas better, more effectively and more easily. (Based on Veit Etzold’s book  ‘Der weiße Hai im Weltraum – Storytelling für Manager’, ‘Jaws in Space – Storytelling for Managers’)

This keynote presentation is also available focused on the following points

•  Storytelling in Sales
•  Equity Storytelling – How to raise your com- pany value with the right story. (Based on Veit Etzold’s book, with co-author Thomas Ramge, ‘Equity Storytelling’)

Strategy and  the Story of a Crisis
The financial crisis: how it started – and why it is not over yet.

The financial and economic crisis has held the world in its firm grip for years. How did  it come to be? What were the real origins? Why can’t politicians find a solution? And  what should we prepare for? Can we hope for a happy end or is the worst still to come? The uncertainty is aggravated by the failure of politicians to give  citizens clear and understandable explanations for the crisis, the advantages or disadvantages of a monetary union or how the rescue programs are meant to work.

This keynote tells the whole story – starting with the origins of the crisis and showing whether we can expect a happy end and what we need to do to reach it. (Based on the book  by Daniel Stelter, Veit Etzold & co-authors: ‘The Trillion Debt Bomb’)

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