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Keynote Speaker Steffi Burkhart

Steffi Burkhart: Generation Y, Talent-Management & Change-Management

Steffi Burkhart explains the Gen Y - A whole new we-culture

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Steffi Burkhart: Generation Y – your vision is to inspire people & to set impulses as well as to shape the noticeable change in the working world from the perspective of Generation Y. Dr. Steffi Burkhart talks about the future of work from the perspective of her generation, Generation Y (*1980-1995) or Millennials Generation.

As a well-known expert on the Millennials Generation, she knows the pain points of the German economy: In their digital transformation, they lack talented young professionals, digital experts and the necessary millennials mindset. This is exactly where Steffi starts her presentations and provides important content and impulses on how companies replenish their talent pool, create services and products that inspire customers and how to succeed in the change to an agile company.

Steffi Burkhart knows why business can no longer afford to ignore Generation Y & Z. Because the topic is too existential for that, the discussion is too far-reaching. It captures the entire change in the world of work, and in doing so, Gen Y takes on the role of a pioneer: it questions existing patterns of success in work and leadership, gets the baby Internet up and running, builds a digital reality and transfers the rules of the game there to the analog world of work. She thinks more in terms of the “we” than the “I”, lives more diverse lives and learns early on to cope with growing complexity.

Steffi Burkhart lecture topics:
– They are crazy, the boys?! – Modern demands on work and leadership. Young people as drivers of cultural change in society and the world of work.
– Attracting and retaining young talent: Which rethinking and which measures are important in order to position oneself attractively for young talents?
– Young people want to be led – Why managers often confuse leading people with technical management
– Change Agents – counteracting the VUKA world

In her lectures Steffi Burkhart clears up prejudices. She delivers a scientifically substantiated, lively plea not to wipe gene Y off the table with a flippant hand movement. With a mixture of authentic vitality and profound knowledge, Steffi tickles the mind and provides indispensable insights. She shows companies how to increase their attractiveness as an employer for young people and how to create an atmosphere to make maximum use of the high motivation of young people.

Steffi Burkhart knows what she is talking about: She worked for two years in a large corporation, then moved to a start-up, spent three years helping to build and run a management academy and is herself a member of Generation Y. For more than two years, she has been intensively engaged with the change in culture and values in society and the working world and why young people are an important driver of this.

Steffi Burkhart has been standing on her own two feet since 2016, teaches business psychology at the University of Media, Communication and Economics (Cologne), is ambassador for the Arbeit50plus initiative, cooperates with the consulting institute nextpractice and enriches the business world with her wealth of experience. She is a welcome guest on TV (WDR, MDR, DW, ZDF), in panel discussions (with personalities such as Julia Klöckner or Götz Werner), with associations (INQA, BVMW, VDU) on large stages (MMM, Handelsblatt, Monster, Wissenschaftspreisverleih, GEDANKENtanken) and in medium-sized businesses (Witzig Company, Livit AG, E.D.E) – in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With over 120 bookings per year, it is a welcome guest on big stages, in panel discussions, expert circles of the German economy as well as on radio and television. Her lectures are suitable for management meetings, congress events, anniversary celebrations, gala evenings, trade fair kick-offs or customer events.

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