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Robert Siciliano: Cyber Crime & Cyber Security & Data Specialist, Founder & CEO of

Robert Siciliano - Create Solutions and Strategies to ensure Company Data is protected.

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Robert Siciliano: Businesses looking for an enjoyable and engaging keynote speaker on the topic of data security need look no further than Certified Speaking Professional Robert Siciliano. Some of the concepts that he covers include cybersecurity, protection from identity theft, fraud prevention and personal privacy. Not only does he effectively convey this information to audiences for business, but he also teaches participants how to use this knowledge in their personal lives – immediately.

Robert uses his personal experience to encourage his audience to take control of their own security. From Boston to Bogotá and Dubuque to Dubai, as one of the most highly respected experts on fraud prevention, cybersecurity, identity theft and online privacy, he has appeared on numerous news programs and presents at some of the most respected and high-profile conferences around the world.

Speaking Topics of Robert Siciliano:
Robert has a full range of presentations that companies can choose from to assist their business and employees—or he can customize one to fit your specific needs. Some popular titles include:
– Discover How to Privatize All of Your Data on Social Media
– Learn How to Control the Digital Breadcrumbs of Both Businesses and Consumers
– Create Solutions and Strategies to Ensure Company Data is Protected
– Minimize the Exposure of Data from Mobile Devices, Tablets and Laptops
– Properly Store and Back Up Important Data, Both Locally and in the Cloud
– Increase Business Profits by Using Security and Privacy as a Marketing Tool

Providing Client Security and Ensuring Loyalty: A Guide for Financial Firms.
Every week, Robert Siciliano inevitably hears from a distressed financial advisor who has to rescue a client whose accounts have been compromised. The fact is, your moneyed clients are big targets – and they aren’t necessarily cyber savvy.

Social Media Security: Marketing, Extending and Defending Your Online Reputation.
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, YELP and LinkedIn are popular social networking sites in both the personal and professional lives of business leaders and their employees. However, the risks we face from sharing too much information are substantial – from personal security to damaged reputations to significant business liabilities that put all operations in jeopardy.

Putting Your Digital Data, Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information on Lockdown: Knowledge is Power You Don’t Want to Lose.
In a high-tech, information-based economy, everything we do as a business is recorded and tracked or stolen by someone – whether by your competition, criminal hackers, or a domestic or foreign authority. Once extricated from your hands, the bad guys exploit your valuable information to their advantage or use it against you.

Defending Against the Data Breach: Protect from Spyware, Malware, Ransomware and Keyloggers.
Every few seconds, someone has his or her identity stolen. Computers are hacked, wallets are stolen, credit cards are compromised, credit is ruined…and the instigators make more in a day than most of us make in a year. The fact is, the system we function under is set up to fail – and unless consumers know their options, it’s just a matter of time before they are victimized themselves.

Take Charge, Fight Back!: Street-Smart, Street-Safe Personal Security.
It’s not just law enforcement professionals and first responders – ordinary men, women and children face risk every day. Consider real estate agents, auto-show presenters, nurses, and many other professionals who interact with strangers – and are often unprepared for an attack by known and unknown assailants.

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