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Keynote Speaker Raphael von Hoensbroech

Raphael von Hoensbroech: Expert in Leadership - Leading & Conducting.

Raphael von Hoensbroech - A unique perspective on Leadership: Workshop with live orchestra.

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Raphael von Hoensbroech: For those in leadership conducting is in a way part of their everyday life. The Conductor’s Perspective literally translates this into the world of the conductor and his orchestra.

The Conductor’s Perspective gives you the opportunity to become part of the orchestra without playing an instrument. You find yourself on the stage among the musicians, experiencing close up the difference between excellent and mediocre leadership. You observe what it means to lead without making a sound. You hear how the conductor turns musical notes into music with few words only. You experience how, in a short amount of time, he guides his team to excellence in an effective, purposeful manner and through a highly hierarchical system. You learn how leadership functions either as an observer or from the podium with the conductor’s baton in your hand. An interactive reflection between the conductor, musicians and participants will guide you to find the necessary transfer back to your everyday business environment.

Raphael von Hoensbroech: entertaining, educational, amazing & practical.

Learning is sustainable if content is not only transmitted on an intellectual, but also on an emotional level. With the help of music this is precisely where The Conductor’s Perspective comes in. The workshop teaches a constructive, flexible management concept based on vision, structure and trust, which shapes a powerful, team oriented corporate culture. In addition to the content the analogy of music also provides the emotional basis. Psychology has shown that what we learn in this way is better retained in the memory and also more easily recalled. The bridge between sitting in the orchestra and your daily management routine is understood intuitively but is also consciously reflected on in the workshop.

Dr. Raphael von Hoensbroech is managing director at the Konzerthaus Berlin. Previously, he was principal with The Boston Consulting Group where he gained valuable business insight into various corporate and leadership cultures.

For many years Raphael was also active as conductor and violinist. Versed in leadership from the artistic perspective as well, he brings together years of experience from the different worlds of management into his workshops. Raphael works in his workshops with leading orchestras such as the Münchener Kammerorchester, Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, and the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra among many others. The conductor is responsible for the performance of his team without actually contributing operatively to the outcome: The conductor is the only musician who does not play a single note. At the same time he is leading highly talented experts with skills he himself does not possess.

What is his role in this constellation? How does he contribute added value? What happens when an effective team and good results are sabotaged by poor leadership?

The Conductor’s Perspective – LEADING & CONDUCTING.

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