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Philipp Riederle: Digital Native, Generation Y, Communication

Philipp Riederle - You would like to understand the Generation Y? Learn how to communicate with them.

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Philipp Riederle: Digital Native & Generation Y – Building Bridges between Generations.

It started harmlessly enough.

When Philipp Riederle – at the time 13 years old – bought his first Apple iPhone, he searched the internet high and low for information about the device and its programmes. But he couldn’t find a supplier who offered satisfactory material on the topics that really interested him.

Sensing a gap in the market, Philipp Riederle leapt into the breach, recorded a podcast called “Mein iPhone und ich” (my iPhone and I) and since then has reported weekly on new iPhone product developments.

Further projects are being added continuously, most recently the podcast “Mein iPad und ich”, (my iPad and I), which replicates the iPhone version’s recipe for success with offerings for the iconic tablet computer.

In the meantime, the former hobby has become a foundation of entrepreneurial success. The 20-years-old student has established a company – “Phipz Media” – which focuses on conceptual design, production and the multiplication of new media. In addition to this, the young entrepreneur opens new perspectives for interacting with ‘Generation Y’ – which means that brands, product developers, service-oriented and production companies are among his clients as well as sales and marketing agencies.

This exceptional speaker’s entertaining and information-packed lectures are particularly impressive.

Philipp Riederle speaks at conventions, media conferences, company events and other relevant occasions about the topics close to his heart: social media and Generation Y.

He received an equally enthusiastic response at the ‘Audiovisual Media Days’, the ‘World after Advertising’ convention, the ‘niche 09’ media convention as at numerous meetings, annual kick-off events, congresses and symposia.

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