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Philipp Kristian Diekhoener ueber die Trust Economy

Keynote Speaker Philipp Kristian Diekhöner

Philipp Kristian Diekhöner: TEDx | Global Keynote Speaker and Innovation Strategist, Author of The Trust Economy

Philipp Kristian Diekhöner - The Trust Economy – What it is, and how it’s transforming work and play.

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Philipp Kristian Diekhöner is a TEDx | Global Keynote Speaker and Innovation Strategist with a passion for The Trust Economy. He believes trust is the most valuable asset in our digital economy and that it’s also the new global currency in a tech-driven world. He focuses on digital transformation, customer experience and the human impact of breakthrough technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence applications. This makes him a swiss army knife for all things innovation.

Philipp Kristian Diekhöner Speaking Topics:
• The Trust Economy – What it is, and how it’s transforming work and play
• How breakthrough technologies like blockchain and AI are changing global trust patterns – for the better and worse
• Interface is everything: How changing customer preferences are challenging old economy business models, and how to win in this new environment
• The most trusted players always win: Why every company needs a trust strategy to thrive in the digital age
• Moving from distrust to trust as the status quo: Transforming organisations to effectively deliver value in the digital economy
• Trust first organisations – building the corporate structures of the future

Having deep and broad expertise across innovation, transformation and digital strategy and delivery, topics in relation to these areas are ideal briefs. The Trust Economy is a common theme across all of these, as it’s descriptive of how society and the global economy are currently evolving. Industry wise, Philipp Kristian has worked across a broad range of sectors including banking, insurance, telco, media, luxury, tech, hospitality and the public sector. Topics also need not explicitly include trust as a key factor, or request trust as a focus topic. The business value of trust, its role in enabling innovation and the shift towards trust in technology, interfaces and sharing economy business models, is a macro-trend which enriches classic keynote topics (such as culture, leadership, creativity, digital transformation, futurist sessions, sales, innovation or the future of work). Philipp Kristian Diekhöner has covered topics across all of these fields – thanks to the universality of trust, he can give these topics an x-factor and add another dimension of depth by applying insights from The Trust Economy. Ask any HR person, sales leader, leader or artist whether trust plays a key role for them, and the probable answer will be a confident yes.

Philipp is the Asia Managing Partner of Denkfabrik Digital (DDX) , a German innovation foundry established in 1976. DDX helps leading global names to create the most valuable products and services and resolve root causes that prevent innovation. As a specialist in value proposition design and human-centered innovation, Philipp has also shaped Asian innovation activities for several Fortune 500s. He also helped some of Singapore’s most successful startups (such as Circles.Life and Singapore Life ) transform their respective industries.

Philipp Kristian Diekhöner on Stage:
Philipp’s highly energetic and personal speaking style mixes deep human insight with sharp commercial acumen. With exuberant creativity, he turns complex problems into simple and beautiful ideas that shine with pragmatic takeaways. Building every storyline exact to client spec achieves a lasting connection with his audiences and makes every event a success. His unique insight on trust, innovation and the digital economy empowers listeners around the globe. It encourages every one of us to rethink, make better decisions and build a wealthier and happier economy.

Philipp frequently speaks at eminent global organisations such as Facebook, P&G, Microsoft, Zillow, PKF, Turner, MunichRe, Globe, CPA Australia, German Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy, SOMPO Insurance, United Overseas Bank, Economist Intelligence Unit, Bakrie Group, and many others. He has written for Forbes, e27, Marketing Magazine, Esquire, and InVision among others. His work has featured on MoneyFM 89.3, Men’s Folio, YourStory, and SpringerProfessional.

‘A fantastic presentation.’ – Simon Costello, Managing Director,
‘Your presentation was amazing.’ – Mildred Ang, Marketing Manager, Terapinn
‘Unique presentation. Totally different.’ – Sabam Hutajulu, CEO, Tugu Pratama Indonesia
‘Your presentation was very outstanding.’ – Chartchai Panichewa, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ThaiSri
‘A most professional presentation.’ – Garry Browne, CEO, Stuart Alexander & Co

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