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Flying fast, astro space and adventure have always been Nicola Winter’s passions.

Nicola Winter on Leadership, Focus, Crisis Management & Empowerment.

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Nicola Winter was Germany’s second female fighter pilot ever, one of only three woman to fly the coveted Eurofighter, an instructor pilot and a staff officer. Now she flies helicopters and works as an aerospace engineer at the German Aerospace Center (DLR e.V.) as a satellite launch coordinator. She is also an active paramedic and mother to a young daughter.

Flying fast, astro space and adventure have always been Nicola’s passions.

In 2004 Nicola joins the German Air Force and with that realizes a childhood dream. She becomes the second female ever to fly a combat aircraft, the Tornado and goes on to be an instructor pilot with the US Air Force. In parallel, she studies aerospace engineering in the US and Germany. 2013 she is awarded the title of “Best Instructor Pilot of the Year” for the whole flying program. In 2015 she cross trains to the Eurofighter, an airplane which to date only three women have been able to fly in Germany.

Nicola Winter-Baumann Speaking Topics:

  • Empowerment: Every now and then, even with the best intentions and highest motivations, we can all be our own worst enemy. Hear from Nicola how she went from being too short to be a pilot, to becoming a trailblazer for women in military aviation and a decorated “thought leader”.
  • Focus: the most important characteristic for fighter pilots is the ability to focus on point, on the exact right amount of multitasking and not be distracted by the noise of daily life or combat
  • New Leadership: Fighter pilots are supposedly some of the toughest soldiers with the biggest egos out there. Even for them, a cooperative leadership style based on respect, a common vision and empathy works best. Why? And how do you do it?
  • Crisis and Risk Management: When you have lost all your engines and the opponent is still a threat- how do you stay calm and save the day?

Alongside Insa Thiele-Eich, Nicola Winter-Baumann comes out on top of the astronaut selection conducted by the initiative “The female astronaut” selecting a German female astronaut from over 400 applicants. The private initiative aims to send the first German woman to space and managers to conduct some Astronaut training before funding becomes a critical issue. A parabola zero gravity flight, paramedic training and Russian lessons were among the training Nicola successfully completed.

Nicola Winter-Baumann hasn’t given up on her plan of becoming an astronaut at all though. Her next opportunity might soon arise with ESA. “I want to a pioneer, pushing that final frontier- the next goal could be the Moon or even Mars!”. It is that spirit that convinced the jury of Handelsblatt and the Boston Consulting Group to name Nicola their first “Thought leader of the year” in 2017. The jury was impressed by the way she manages to overcome “technical, physical and social limitations”.

When Nicola decides to leave the German Armed Forces in 2018, she holds the rank of Major and flies with Tactical Air Wing 31 “Boelcke” near Cologne. A flying wing that proudly traces it’s heritage all the way back to the Red Baron.

Nicola Winter-Baumann goes on to working for McKinsey & Co, Inc. as a senior consultant on various projects in the Automotive and Aerospace Industry before returning to working in the Aerospace sector herself as an engineer. She has since started her dissertation in Space Sciences.

Besides her achievements in the Air Force and in the Space industry, Nicola is also an active duty paramedic and works towards her commercial helicopter license – hoping to one day qualify as a rescue helicopter pilot.

In her entertaining and light-hearted talks, Nicola Winter-Baumann gives great personal insight in how she made her dreams a reality, how to cope with crisis and stress in a relaxed fashion and what she learnt about modern leadership and empathy when trying to herd a group of Type A fighter pilots. She takes her listeners on a whirlwind ride between supersonic flight and a rocket to the moon with a bright smile on her face. Nicolas talks are available in German and English.

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