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Nicholas Webb on Disruption. Healthcare and Future trends

Keynote Speaker Nicholas Webb

Nicholas Webb on Innovation, Healthcare, Future-trends and Customer Experience

Nicholas Webb is a multi award-winning inventor of technologies ranging from one of the world’s smallest medical implants to a very successful line of educational and fitness products.

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Nicholas Webb is a number one best-selling author and is one of the most popular Innovation, Healthcare, Future-trends, and Customer Experience Speaker in the world. Unlike most Innovation Speakers who have never actually invented anything and have no real-world expertise in the area of Enterprise Innovation, Nicholas is a multi award-winning inventor of technologies ranging from one of the world’s smallest medical implants to a very successful line of educational and fitness products.

Nicholas Webb speaks on:
• Innovation, disruption, and technology trends.
• Healthcare, healthcare technology, and emerging healthcare trends.
• Consumerization, customer experience, and customer service.
• Future trends in technology and consumer behavior

As a Business, Technology and Healthcare Futurist, Nicholas Webb is now one of the most popular speakers in the area of Business Future Trends and Healthcare. As a Senior Partner at Lassen Scientific, Inc. Nicholas works with Fortune 500 companies throughout the world to help them lead their industries in innovation and strategy. Unlike many consultants, Nicholas is no theorist. He has been awarded over 40 patents by the US patent and trademark office for breakthrough technologies including one of the world’s smallest medical implants to a wide range of industrial, consumer and one of the first wearable technologies. He is known by many as the “Innovation Evangelist” he speaks around the world on the future of the economy, innovation, technology, leadership and healthcare.

Nicholas speaks on several topics under his primary thought leadership of innovation and business. Nicholas spoke at dozens of events around the world and for some of the largest organizations. These organizations wanted a thought leader that had a pedigree as a real-world expert, not as a (talking head speaker). With all of the disruptive changes across virtually all industry segments Nicholas helps his clients and audiences understand the trajectory of change so that they can take the insights from his talk and apply it in their business to ensure their relevance in the future.

In the area of healthcare, Nicholas is one of the top healthcare technologists and futurist. Nicholas speaks to audiences across the entire healthcare ecosystem on the future of healthcare specific to changes driven by the affordable healthcare act, the consumerization of patients and the massive impact that disruptive innovation is having on both clinical and business models. Nicholas serves as an Adjunct Professor at Western University of Health Sciences, and as the Director for the University’s prestigious Center for Innovation. For his many contributions to healthcare, WesternU awarded Nicholas his Doctorate of Humane Letters (Hon.).

As a technology CEO, Nicholas owns and operates several technology companies in both healthcare and consumer goods. As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), he works shoulder-to-shoulder with boards of directors of multi billion-dollar companies to assist them in building future-ready organizations. His best-selling books include: The Innovation Playbook, The Digital Innovation Playbook, Invent Stuff, and his current number one bestseller, What Customers Crave. His upcoming book, The Innovation Mandate is available, Fall 2019.

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