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Martin Limbeck ist der Verkaufsexperte in Deutschland

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Martin Limbeck: Sales- & Hardselling Expert - "The Porsche of Sales"

Martin Limbeck - "The Porsche of Sales"

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Martin Limbeck (CSP) is best known as the international sales authority whom the press has dubbed “The Porsche of Sales.” But he would not be Martin Limbeck if he quit after getting to the top. As a brilliant keynote speaker on motivation, leadership, sales, and digitalization, he has garnered a worldwide reputation for inspiring audiences with his authentic style and high-octane, captivating storytelling.

Martin’s presentations are:
• provocative, because he cuts straight to the chase
• polarizing, because he is not mainstream
• motivating, because he practices what he preaches

“The power that Limbeck exudes on stage is unique, positive, and absolutely authentic. As a person, too, he is exceptional: He is polarizing, but that is integral to his positioning, by which he lives like no other.”
TRAiNiNG magazine

Today, Martin’s expertise goes well beyond sales – and so do his presentations. His personal career, his development as a person and sales professional over and above all challenges and obstacles that have come his way, his unique journey out of coal country to the heights of self-improvement are all reflected in his stage performance as a keynote speaker.

Martin Limbeck’s Presentation Topics (Examples):

Your Customer, the New Expert – Selling in the Digital Age
• The new buying behavior and its consequences
• Giving advice to, guiding, and thrilling customers
• Demonstrating presence and competence online and offline

Too Expensive?! – Now What?
• Sales lines vs. techniques
• Standing by your price
• Storytelling

The Most Effective Style of Leadership
• How to prevent your salespeople from “forgetting” the sale when in the field
• How to inspire others to aim high
• Increased sales power through value-based leadership

NO Is Short for Next Opportunity: How Top Sales Professionals Think
• How to acquire the skills of a top sales professional
• How to anchor your confidence and strengthen your self-motivation
• How to develop a clear goal orientation and boost your confidence in closing deals

On the Edge: What Selling and Boxing Have in Common
• Scoring one round after the other – at the highest decision-making level
• Fighting clean, keeping your guard up, and scoring at the right moment
• Landing your jab in objection-handling and reaching heavyweight sales figures

Why Nobody Wants You to Get to the Top . . . and How You Can Make It Anyway
• If it’s easy, anyone can do it: How obstacles make you stronger
• Tenacity, willpower, diligence: How you become the best, if you stick to it
• Second-best is not an option: Learn to score by using intuition, instinct, and ambition

Topic Areas:
• Sales
• Motivation
• Leadership
• Digitalization

Martin has started his professional career selling photocopiers. As a trainer and entrepreneur, he has trained and inspired audiences in twenty-six countries for almost thirty years. In 2011, Martin was awarded the National Speakers Association’s Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation. He was the first German to speak at the NSA convention. Martin has been honored as Top Speaker of the Year, International Speaker of the Year, and several times Trainer of the Year, and was presented several times with the meeting and event industry’s Conga Award. He gives 150 speeches and seminars per year around the globe, teaches at Reutlingen European School of Business, Steinbeis University Berlin, and St. Gallen University, and is the author of several bestsellers, including NO Is Short for Next Opportunity — How Top Sales Professionals Think and Why Nobody Wants You to Get to the Top: …and How I Made It Anyway. He is the cofounder of the Sales Leaders team of top trainers and a member of Club 55, the European Community of Experts in Marketing and Sales.

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