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Keynote Speaker Markus Hofmann

Markus Hofmann, the Expert for Memory Training! Think & Act Different!

Markus Hofmann - Memory Training with Passion. Simply unforgettable!

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Markus Hofmann is in the very sense of the word a passionate communicator. He has already thrilled more than ten thousand people with his special type of memory training.

The spark of enthusiasm was ignited quite clearly: Already as a pupil and student Markus Hofmann intensively occupied his mind with the question on how one can memorize newly gained knowledge with little effort. While others were swotting for days or writing cheat notes, he was able to clearly improve his grade point average during his studies with little stress within only a few weeks – thanks to special memory techniques. But only in his professional life as a press and public relations officer he discovered how valuable mental fitness can be for everybody and how versatile our memories can be activated. Since then, it is Markus Hofmann’s biggest concern, to lead his audience to incredible feats of memory and by doing so to inspire it.
He became well-known by the Scots Bet in the German TV show “Wetten dass…?” as well as by the expert forum “The Success Makers” of the news magazine FOCUS, the name Markus Hofmann has been well-established in the fields of economy, politics and culture as well as in the broad public.

Markus Hofmann is a passionate communicator in the best sense of the word. Like no other he provides valuable knowledge and combines it with entertainment, and by doing so makes it immediately usable for everyone.

“The only thing that the participants of my lectures will forget is the time!”

Markus Hofmann has been embracing this challenge for years, and provides added value for his customers as well as for their customers.


The advantage of knowledge – in each lies a super brain.
The combination of fun and know-how makes the “muscle memory” training an eye-opening experience for all participants, regardless of group size. In many practical exercises Hofmann teaches what extraordinary feats of memory everyone of us can accomplish and what positive effects it can have for everyday use.

Think again – Mental survival training in the digital world.
In his new lecture series Markus Hofmann focusses on “Digital Dementia”, which is currently being discussed not only in media. In times of increasing digitization he doesn’t just want to just calm down, but encourage: Hofmann provides concrete strategies for career and private life, with which each of us can mentally emancipates and stay fit, despite the ubiquity of Google, Smart Phones & Co.

– Winner of the German Training Prize 2014
– Director of the Transfer Institute “Professional Speaker GSA”
– Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
– Board Member of the German Speaker Association (GSA)
– Studies to become a trainer (mental activation training) at the Society for Brain Training
– Study to become a European Business Trainer at the Köppel Akademie
– Professional and self-employed memory trainer
– Training to become a memory trainer
– Graduated Marketing Economist BAW
– Advertising and communication officer at Sparkassenverband Bayern
– Press and public relations officer at Sparkasse in the county of Schwandorf
– Apprenticeship as bank clerk at the Sparkasse
– He grew up in Nabburg/Upper Palatinate/Bavaria

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