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Keynote Speaker Gunter Dueck

Gunter Dueck: Expert for Innovation, New Work, The Future of Work, IT & Management. Bestseller Author

Gunter Dueck - One of the 100 most influential brains in the European Digital Industry.

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Gunter Dueck is an absolutely exceptional speaker and one of the very few keynote speakers who proves such depth in his variety of topics! His interests have always been wide-ranging and this was reflected in his professional career, because he learned about the most diverse structures in addition to the variously shaped contents, and gained his lessons and new perspectives from this.

Lecture topics Gunter Dueck:
– Flachsinn: About good and bad attention or criticism of the new attention economy.
– Change! Change!
– Appropriate attitude of people: About nerds, techies and other species
– swarm stupidity
– BREAK UP! Why we must become a society of excellence!

Although as a mathematician and researcher, he spent years driving innovation in the management of one of the world’s largest technology companies, IBM, digitization expert Gunter Dueck wrote books on the side, many of them bestsellers! In these books, his experiences, his perceptions and his brilliant mind have been incorporated in the form of future scenarios and critically illuminate current issues in relation to the business world, society and politics!

Gunter Dueck: Identification of Bullshit & Value

His range of topics is as diverse as his books, so that he can develop and present a keynote speech for every occasion. After all, sooner or later technical progress and changing society will affect all industries, but not all companies equally! Gunter Dueck knows how to work out these differences in his lectures.

Dare to change your perspective and look forward to valuable impulses through a customized presentation at your event by Keynote Speaker Gunter Dueck. Because not everything is always as it is often assumed, the business philosopher also shows in his lectures and inspires to look at things in a new way. With the right pinch of humour, theory and practice, Gunter Dueck succeeds in conveying his message and stimulating lasting change.

In his lectures, Gunter Dueck deals with topics of digitalization, such as Industry 4.0, Work 4.0 and their effects on specific industries. Digital change now plays a major role in every company. Learn how change can strengthen you and your company, not weaken you.

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