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Keynote Speaker Gabriel Dye

Gabriel Dye: Expert on Focus and Distraction.

Gabriel Dye - More than just a presentation. Finding Focus is an experience.

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Gabriel Dye is an expert on focus and distraction.

His presentation Finding Focus teaches people simple, powerful and transferrable techniques to develop focus in our current “Age of Distraction” and to immediately push up their business performance.

FINDING FOCUS: The Unbelievable Power of Focus.
More than just a presentation, Finding Focus is an experience. How would your team be different if everyone were focused and in the moment, rather than in a state of constant distraction? This high impact presentation examines the role of focus and distraction in our professional and personal lives. Gabriel delivers ideas and actionable insights that people can leverage immediately to improve their focus, in turn driving productivity and performance.

In the interactive (and hilarious) segment of the presentation, Gabriel invites members of the audience on stage and demonstrates the unbelievable power of focus, when properly leveraged. This message is relevant to anyone who feels overwhelmed by the demands of the “Age of Distraction.” The outcome of this presentation will be an audience prepared to take their performance to the next level.

After watching a hypnosis show in college, he was completely hooked and realized that this seemingly bizarre psychological phenomenon had to be in his life. But the typical hypnosis ‘routines’ of people making funny faces and doing questionable things with chairs always seemed to cheapen what could otherwise be a powerful, life-changing message. Then Gabriel Dye discovered the work and techniques of memory champions (people who train themselves to memorize hundreds of names, pages of random digits, shuffled decks of cards in minutes), and noticed that their main tool was visualizing, essentially the same thing he ask my soon-to-be hypnotized volunteers to do. And the field of sports psychology, where visualization plays a key role.

And the most successful people in the world, who visualize themselves into their success. It’s all very much the same: purposefully feeding your brain images. His purpose, message and vehicle were clear. To blend his unique expertise and understanding to improve the world by handing people control over their brains.

Speaking has enabled Gabriel Dye to combine his passions as a hypnotist, an educator and an actor.

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