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Keynote Speaker Frederik G. Pferdt

Frederik G. Pferdt talks about the future-ready mindset

Frederik G. Pferdt is the Chief Innovation Evangelist of Google, Adjunct Professor at Stanford University and Founder of "The Garage". One of the leading Thinker in the Silicon Valley.

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Frederik G. Pferdt is Google’s Chief Innovation Evangelist and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University.

Technological developments are propelling us exponentially into the future, but it is up to each individual to decide what this future will look like. You have to trust your own creativity. Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt will answer the question of how people can use their creative potential to develop radical new ideas and develop the courage to put them into practice, to actively shape the future they want to see. In his interactive talk, the founder of Google’s creative lab “The Garage” and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University offers exclusive insights into how successful “cultures of innovation” are created and function and which mindsets will be relevant to people in the future.

“Google managed to turn its brand into its own verb .This is owed in part to a steady stream of innovation. Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt ensures that the stream doesn’t run dry.” (BrandEins)

Frederik’s passion is the development of peoples’ innovation potential and he is absolutely certain that we all have creativity inside of us. The doctor of business education started a community of 500 innovation evangelists, is the founder of Google’s “The Garage” and created the first innovation laboratory which is used by hundreds of teams at Alphabet/Google each year, from YouTube, Hardware, Android, through Sales and Cloud, the HR and Research teams to [x], to find user-centric solutions to problems and test hundreds of brand new ideas as quickly as possible. The award-winning,  internationally renowned innovation expert lectures at Stanford University’s as Adjunct Professor, was a visiting scholar at the Center for Design Research in Stanford and a visiting research scholar at Columbia University’s EdLab.

The “Pope of Creativity” (SZ, Focus) uses his future-oriented approach to advise whole governments, businesses, start-ups, as well as schools and international organizations such as the United Nations (UN). He is also the Innovation Coach for the German Football Association (DFB) and teaches courses at Stanford University such as “Hacking Your Innovation Mindset” and “Design for AI-powered futures”. He is a founding faculty member of the Google School for Leaders and as a “source of inspiration” and “Silicon Valley pioneer” (FAZ, Spiegel, WiWo) is currently among the top 10 most influential persons in Silicon Valley and has featured in more than 90 articles in international newspapers, magazines and TV documentaries. He is from Ravensburg on Lake Constance where he founded the charitable children’s workshop project “Tüftelei” (tinkering) together with his wife Angela. He draws inspiration from his three children’s playfulness and inquisitive minds.

Frederik G. Pferdt currently lives with his family in Silicon Valley.

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