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Dietmar Dahmen: Creative Consultant, visionary, futurologist & innovation expert

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Dietmar Dahmen – Creative Consultant, visionary, futurologist, inspirator, motivator, enricher  of brands, people and experiences. Dietmars core expertise lies in the fields of change, future technologies, innovation , disruption, customer-driven marketing and sales. He is an energetic speaker on the upcoming demands and the business opportunities created by new technologies and what that means to your success-strategies and actions of today!He explains the complex in simple ways, and gets his audience – from expert to novice- to feel the need to change NOW!

Dietmar’s keynotes cover a broad range of topics, including:
– disruptive trends and upcoming technologies & digital transformation
– the future of success; fear and opportunities of change; leadership
– customer-centric sales and marketing and his signature talks on adaptation
– innovation and disruption.

“Old ways don’t lead to new destinations.”

Dietmar Dahmen started out as a strategic planner, and later moved on to become a highly decorated creative. He was Creative Director with DDB,  Executive Creative Director with Ogilvy, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director with BBDO. Dietmar Dahmen works now as a creative consultant, with emphasis on up to date marketing and digital trends and solutions.

Dietmar Dahmen is one of Europe’s top business experts on innovation, disruption, trends and technologies of the future. He ignites audiences across the globe to not just understand, but heartfully embrace the new.His style of presentation is highly dynamic, motivating, inspiring, informative, visionary, entertaining and fun.

“Don’t follow trends. Make them!”

He also is a co-owner of the eco platform “Earthback” in Berlin, President of the Board of Advisors with “Mediahead” in Zurich, Member of the Board of Advisors with “Summit NYC” in New York and Chief Innovation Officer with the digital full service company “”.

“Rock on!”

For over 10 years Dietmar tought contemporary communication at the Film-Academy Ludwigsburg, Germany (winning 16 times gold with his students at Young Directors Award in Cannes, France) and today lectures modern brand success, change and digital transformation with the European Association of  Communication Agencies.

“Good services are useful. Better ones are sexy. But the best are life-changing.”

Around the globe, Dietmar is a well known speaker at many conferences and a though after guest lecturer at many universities. Dietmar Dahmen is a member of both the Creative Club, Austria and the Art Directors Club , Germany. He is also member of the SAP Business Expert Circle and with Adobe worldwide.

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