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David Gram is a very experienced keynote speaker, based in Denmark, Europe, with more than 100 keynotes and masterclasses around the globe. His biggest audience was 10’000 people at IDF in San Francisco and last year, David Gram was sharing the stage with President Bill Clinton for 3’000 European executives at the Presidents’ Summit in Copenhagen.

David Gram Speaker Topics:

– Embracing disruptions without disrupting the healthy existing business
– Building a strategic foundation and structure for radical innovation
– Fast and low-risk learning using design thinking and agile development
– Fostering a culture of Intrapreneurship
– Moving from user insights to co-creation with users
– Becoming a Diplomatic Rebel

David Gram’s stories evolve around being an intrapreneur and how corporates and individuals can become more intrapreneurial (innovation/corporate entrepreneurship), which includes how companies must become more like open platforms (Strategy/organizational development) and how that changes the employer and employee relationship (future of work/millennial & GenZ employment). Much of his content is enriched with stories around how LEGO does innovation including concrete cases on innovative LEGO projects that I have been part of leading. This combination is a hot topic. The content is based on his experience as a leader and intrapreneur in major corporations during the last 15 years, spending the last 8 years at The LEGO Group where David has been part of building up their innovation capability – both as Senior Innovation Director for LEGO Future Lab and recently as Head of LEGO Ventures, EMEA.

Diplomatic Rebels: Radical Innovation Through Intrapreneurship

David Gram is co-founder of Diplomatic Rebels; a company dedicated to empower companies and intrapreneurs around the world to become stronger innovators. Diplomatic Rebels is born out of the work of LEGOs radical innovation department Future Lab. A legendary unit made with the cause of developing the future of LEGO. Instead of thinking about which bricks should be on the shelves next season the unit had to think beyond bricks, in making sure LEGO would also be relevant for kids five years from now. Over time Diplomatic Rebels turned into an approach and a methodology. A way to navigate the bureaucratic world of a company, where you want to change the organisation for the sake of the organisation. Doing so you need to accept other people will hate your project, that you need to be very aware which rules you break, to build your tribe, write a ton of love letters and make other people shine.

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