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Dalith’s Vision: “When I think about AI, I think about the people – how AI can support humankind.”

Dalith Steiger is a global AI Thought-Leader & Influencer, Top Business Accelerator and Serial Entrepreneur.

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Dalith Steiger is a global AI Thought-Leader & Influencer, Top Business Accelerator and Serial Entrepreneur.

Dalith Steiger studied mathematics at the University of Zurich, co-founded the award-winning AI start-up SwissCognitive “The Global AI Hub” as well as, together with Andy Fitze, the CognitiveValley Foundation. Dalith Steiger was born in Israel and grew up in Switzerland. She is a global AI advisor and speaker, sharing her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of AI around the world. Dalith Steiger is also CEO of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum and Member of the Advisory Council of Dalith sits in the jury of the Digital Economy Award as well as the START Hack, she is an advisor at Kickstart Innovation, a mentor at the Founder Institute and teaches AI & Machine Learning in a CAS module at the Applied University of Luzern.

Dalith Steiger Speaking Topics

ETHIC: “Responsible AI – An Imperative”
In her keynote, Dalith Steiger shows approaches, strategies, and best practices for building & using AI technologies that are accountable, comprehensive, efficient, transparent, ethical and consistent with user expectations, organizational values, societal laws and norms. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is nothing new – practices and advancements for both businesses and societies need to be aligned. With the rapid development of cognitive technologies, CSR has been accompanied by technological social responsibility (TSR) – resulting in an increasing set of challenges for businesses. To develop technologies to our best benefit, it is an imperative that the private and public sector work together and with joint forces consciously align between short- and medium-term business goals and longer-term societal ones.

The focus of the keynote on Responsible Artificial Intelligence

– Why Talk about it?
– The Global Landscape – Perspectives of Society, Regulations and Business
– The Fundamentals and Components
– Hand-on Insights and Practices

LEADERSHIP: “AI is Now a C-Suite Imperative”
Dalith Steiger shows how C-level leaders are challenged every day from many directions – be that of the board, management, a shift in the customer needs or a change in the business environment. On top of these, change in the technology landscape has the power to impact all these factors. How the business corresponds, can be very much up to the management at C-level. Taking Artificial Intelligence under the magnifying glass, due to its transformative power throughout the organisation, C-level leaders need to dedicate strategic importance to it. Their understanding of this technology’s incredible potential helps them to serve not only as strategists but also as trusted advisors to both direction of the organisation’s hierarchy. Dalith explains the role of C-level leaders and the management in the process of AI adaption.

TRANSFORMATION: “AI has a Key Role in Driving the New Normal”
Humankind experienced three industrial revolutions along history – all of which raised global income levels and improved the quality of life for society around the globe. In her keynote, Dalith Steiger shows that business, on the supplier side, industries adapted new ways of production and service, and also became more innovative and agile based on the technologies which supported that. On the demand side, customers’ needs were mutually corresponsive, with increasing needs in quantity.

The fourth industrial revolution is driven by an exponential growth in computing power and by the availability of substantial amounts of data. In today’s challenging economy, while meeting the demand both for quality and quantity, automatization supports efficiency, profitability and sustainable growth. Although automation, accelerated by AI, has the power to put organisations into a competitive position, most companies and industries are still at the beginning of their journey. Those organisations that exploit AI to reinvent processes, this powerful technology will very soon become the new norm. Dalith shows practical use cases and she will look at the development and challenges of AI adoption from various industry perspectives.

HOLISTIC: “AI – It’s Beyond Technology”
When we think about Artificial Intelligence, most of us think only about machines, robots, algorithms, and automatization. In her keynote, Dalith Steiger talks about how fundamental it is, that we think well beyond that – which is the human being. Artificial Intelligence not only serves us to make our processes faster, more accurate and efficient, it also serves us to turn vast amount of data into valuable information. With that, it helps us to find answers to urging global questions and pave the path to a better future, both for business and society. For further advancement Dalith explains, that we need to keep connecting and exchanging, be that between teams, organisations, industries and societies.

Dalith’s Vision: “When I think about AI, I think about the people – how AI can support humankind.”

– AcceleratorTop 50 Women in Tech Influencers, The Awards Magazine, 2020
– Top 10 Pioneering Women in AI & Machine Learning, Enterprise Management 360 London, 2019
– Top 100 Digital Shapers in Switzerland, Bilanz, 2019

Besides her drive for cognitive technologies, Dalith Steiger is also a loving mother of two teenage girls, a passionate mountain biker and a big fan of high-heel shoes.

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