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Cristián Gálvez: Personality Creates an Impact - Motivation, Personality & The Power of Persuasion

Cristián Gálvez - Management Heroes.

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Cristián Gálvez – Personality creates an impact! Leadership & Motivation

Cristián Gálvez is all about personality, motivation and the power of persuasion. He has already made a positive impression on the “who’s who” of the corporate world in more than 6’000 presentations. Cristián Gálvez has received multiple awards as a public speaker and is the author of a number of successful lifestyle and business guides, as well as the man behind Germany’s largest online personal development course Das-Beste-in-Dir! (The Best in You!) in cooperation with the ProSiebenSAT.1 Media SE.

Cristián Gálvez motivates and inspires people!

Potential presentation topics:
– Personality creates an impact! Persuading • Motivating • Inspiring
– Sales & Marketing Heroes – May the force be with you!
– Management Heroes – Change, Motivation, Growth
– Business Heroes – How to write success stories

Your individual needs and requirements form the focus of every presentation given by Cristián Gálvez. Book a short briefing now to find out how you can use Cristián Gálvez’s experience, method and quality to make your event a guaranteed success.

Cristián Gálvez discovered his passion for applied psychology at a young age. When he was just 16 years old, he celebrated international success as a magician and soon realised that people are not motivated and inspired by facts and figures, but by personality and emotion.

Gálvez’s early experience on the stage and on television has continued to characterise his work as a speaker and host right up to the present day. Gálvez is able to touch, inspire and motivate people. The specialist event magazine showcases once called him the “male universal weapon on the front line of the event world”.

As the son of German and Chilean parents, Cristián Gálvez studied Business Administration, Business Psychology and Social Psychology in Germany and the USA after being awarded a scholarship. He then spent another 18 months in Hollywood, where he researched the success principles of the so-called ’dream factory’ at a number of renowned institutes.

He has additionally expanded his expertise by completing a multitude of further education and training courses in psychology, achieving a number of certifications and working as a coach for the personal development of individuals in the fields of business, politics and entertainment. According to the German television broadcaster SAT.1, Gálvez is “Germany’s leading personal development coach” (SAT.1).

With his Heldenprojekt (Heroes Project), which has attracted a great deal of attention, he applies the psychological patterns and structures of the so-called ’hero’s journey’ to day-today business life. The Heldenkompass® (Heroes’ Compass) developed by Gálvez offers entrepreneurs, managers and sales representatives a relevant model for change, motivation and achieving objectives.

The method used by Cristián Gálvez inspires people by connecting with them on an emotional level, enhancing their perception and providing them with a change of perspective. By using this method, he presents participants with relevant knowledge and findings from the world of applied psychology in an entertaining and memorable manner.

Gálvez’s storytelling, humour, striking examples, surprising impact techniques and interactions all help to create a dynamic, motivating and long-lasting learning experience.

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