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Keynote Speaker Conrad Humphreys

Conrad Humphreys: Award-Winning Triple Round-the-World Yachtsman, Founder of Sport Environment

Conrad Humphreys - Winning Business: Balancing Risk vs Reward.

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Conrad Humphreys is an award-winning, triple round-the-world yachtsman, author and the founder of Sport Environment, a sports marketing consultancy that specialises in sailing and outdoor sports. Conrad advises clients such as UBS, Microsoft, Pfizer and BT, in all areas of sports marketing, from sponsorship to employee engagement. Conrad is renowned for creating innovative, integrated campaigns for brands and rights holders.

Leading in Disruptive Environments
• What does it mean to be a leader during uncertain times.
• Why authenticity and transparency are critical to forming relationships.
• How can you develop a culture of trust and knowledge share.

Building Organisational and Personal Resilience
• How to encourage real fast innovation that can turn the game with competition.
• How to develop a mindset that is comfortable with ambiguity but still make decisions.
• How to lead by values rather than rules.

Winning Business: balancing risk vs reward
• The winning zone is situated in the risk area, so trust your evaluation to grab the opportunity.
• Taking risks requires courage, peace has its massive rewards, but it takes brave men and women to win them.
• Learn how to do a strength audit to help develop winning potential.

Authentic Leadership and Personal Development
• Develop your agility as a leader and understand your preferred styles.
• How to nurture influence without authority and create a culture of followship.
• Build creativity into your workflow and master the “timeout”.

Inspiring Leadership: Staying Afloat in Turbulent Times is Conrad’s ground-breaking book based upon the invaluable leadership lessons he learned from being the youngest skipper in history to win the World’s Toughest Yacht Race. Conrad is celebrated for his ability to understand complex business challenges and tailor his presentations to meet every client’s needs. Drawing on his personal experiences for resonance, he leaves audiences with a simple “tool kit” and a strong sense of belief to go forward and win in difficult circumstances. His keynote topics include:

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