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Christoph Burkhard Top Keynote Speaker for Innovation, Trends & Future Mindset

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Christoph Burkhardt: Innovation Expert & Innovation Psychologist.

Christoph Burkhardt - Mindset Future.

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Christoph Burkhardt: Innovation & Future Mindset. Change the World. Start today.

Christoph Burkhardt has been called “Germany’s best innovation psychologist” by the magazine Focus. “I’m probably the only one” he adds himself. For the past six years Christoph has helped companies all over the world to fail professionally – and he did so with great success.

Christoph Burkhardt Keynotes
Futurism, trends and what it all means. How you develop products and services that will change your customers’ world forever.
Dare to be wrong. Innovation-driven growth and the power of mistakes. How you can make extraordinary ideas happen without risking it all.
The innovation myth. Talent is overrated. What disruptive ideas are really about and how you start revolutions that nobody can even imagine.

After graduating from the London School of Economics in 2010 Christoph has worked as an independent consultant and innovation researcher with companies such as Intel, Merck, Lufthansa, BMW and Siemens. He has worked on projects in India, China, the United States and all over Europe. He has furthermore been teaching at leading European universities and explains in his book “Breakthrough” why good ideas are no lucky hits.

For his keynote on the Evolution of Ideas the German Speakers Association awarded him 2014 with the Newcomer Award. Ever since Christoph has motivated thousands of people in his audiences all over the world to experiment, to innovate and to risk failure. As a business economist Christoph knows of the importance of innovation and progress for economies worldwide. As a psychologist he also understands how difficult it can be to develop the courage to take risks and to make complex decisions.

In his research projects – many of them with clients – Christoph has developed systems for optimized  ideation, evaluation and execution of innovative ideas in order to avoid decision paralysis particularly within larger organizations.

The passionate rational optimist and believer in progress lives in San Francisco, California and experiences on a daily basis how breakthrough ideas are being created that change the world forever. Christoph Burkhardt is the Founder & CEO of TinyBox, a Think Tank in Silicon Valley. Christoph delivers innovation strategies to companies that are ready to admit that innovation in the 21st century has to become part of the normal workday.

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