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Christian Gansch: Leadership- & Managementexpert, Author, Conductor

Christian Gansch - "How to form an Orchestra out of Solists"

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Grammy winner Christian Gansch has a keen intuition for people. He can look back on a long and successful international career as a conductor, leading prestigious symphony orchestras that include the BBC Orchestra, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France Paris, the Russian National Orchestra and the NHK Symphony Orchestra Tokyo.

– From Solo to Symphony: What businesses can learn from orchestras.
– The Harmonic Triad of Leadership Competence: Perceive – Decide – Act

With 14 years as a successful producer with Universal Music under his belt, Christian Gansch also has first-hand experience of the corporate world. His almost 200 recordings have won numerous accolades, including four Grammy Awards.

The applause that once erupted in packed concert halls is now coming from leaders of industry and commerce. Christian Gansch is second to none when it comes to transferring his expertise from the world of music to the world of business. And he does not simply pass on his skills as a conductor, but also his expertise as an executive and producer. Gansch neither pontificates on well-known management theory nor does he build intricate verbal castles in the air. His lectures always convey what he has tried out and applied himself – in an inspiring manner that is full of energy, often with humour but without PowerPoint.

Who calls the tune? How many soloists can a team accommodate? What freedoms and responsibilities does each individual have? What characterizes efficient communications? These are all interesting questions, but Christian Gansch delivers a great deal more than a one-size-fits-all solution. He takes the time and effort to address the specific concerns of each client and audience. Every one of his speeches is unique, tailored in advance briefings to the client’s requirements and topics.

Born in Austria in 1960, Gansch is a highly sought-after speaker at home and abroad. He has also authored two critically acclaimed books: “From Solo to Symphony – What Companies Can Learn from the Orchestra” and “The Harmonic Triad of Leadership Competence: Perceive – Decide – Act”.

His appearances are both pleasure and sensation, but that is not all: they touch, explore and linger. Every audience member becomes a part of the orchestra when Christian Gansch takes up his rhetorical baton.

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