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Once more, Rolf Dobelli gets it to the point with his latest book “The Art of Digital Life”. After all, who does not deal with a digital life these days? It’s impossible to ignore it. But: is that really true? Rolf Dobelli shows a maybe surprinsingly different approach.

It is true that we are overwhelmed with the latest more or less relevant news. Every second, we are bombarded with posts and chats and it seems that there is no way out. But maybe there is. Rolf Dobelli is a business economist, PhD philosopher, was a manager and entrepreneur and made himself a name as a journalist and writer years ago. Rolf Dobelli is without doubt a razor-sharp observer and analyst who gets straight to the bottom. In his former books “The Art of Clear Thinking” and “The Art of Clever Action” he deals with human behavior and in “The Art of The Good Life”, he shares his experiences to live a happier life. In his newest release “The Art of Digital Life”, he explains how a life in the middle of digitalisation can be managed.

The Swiss is, apart from being a great author, also a famous and wellknown Top-Speaker who holds lectures that shake up and inspire to think. His clear message: No one has to be satisfied with the status quo. All we need to do is to think and reflect, because this is what differentiates us from other beings on this planet. He pleads for brainwork and against dumbing down.

For years, Ralf Dobelli has been living a life completely free of news. For most people, such a life must sound quite impossible. We are too used to those “little bits of trivial stories, screaming pictures and sensational facts” that are so easy to consume. Rolf Dobelli reminds us as an author and Top-Speaker to beccome aware of this constant consume of news that, in the end, only makes us feel miserable and exhausted. „News stress“ is the word of the hour and an increasingly growing phenomenon people have to deal with these days.

Rolf Dobelli knows an easy way out. He talks about the liberating effect of news freedom first-hand. He advises: “Step out. Radical. And discover the art of a stress-free digital life with clearer thinking, more valuable insights and less hassle. You will make better decisions – for your private life and at work.“ He shares his experiences and gives concrete tools to get out of the news trap.

Rolf Dobelli is probably one of the most important thinkers of our time. Experiencing his intelligence and brilliancy in his lectures is a true pleasure.

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