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Nena Schink about Social Media and Influencer: Instagram? No thanks!

Nena Schink is a child of the Generation Y. She is a so called Digital Native and grew up with the Web 2.0. Nevertheless, she has been living without Instagram for some time now. Why? Because she thinks it’s a waste of time. Born in 1992, Nena Schink is a business journalist, works as a society reporter for the German lifestyle magazine BUNTE, and, only until recently, she was fully involved in the wave of social unreality. While maintaining her Instagram account, she found herself using more and more bizarre methods to build up followership large enough to play in the world of influencers.

On February 7th, Nena Schinks first book will be published. The young lady, who also supports female empowerment and works as a moderator for the Handelsblatt Media Group, wants to speak out loud what many only admit behind the scenes: dealing with social media is addictive, eats a lot of time and creates a world far from what is real. In her lectures, Nena Schink reports on generations Y and Z, who do just about everything for a life in spotlight. She tells her own story and her experience with Instagram. Nena Schink quickly came to the conclusion that Instagram & Co. are nothing but a waste of time.

For the youth portal from the German paper Handelsblatt, Nena Schink, who previously gave little to the opinions of others, was to become an infuencer. Now she “begged her friends for likes and comments.” For this, among other things, she lolled in a bikini on a watermelon air mattress that she had been brought on holiday just for the photo purpose. For what? She asks provocatively. What a waste of valuable life time! She calculates: “Two hours a day. 14 hours a week. 672 hours a year. That’s 28 days, a whole month. Wasted on Instagram. ” Nena Schink asks questions that the generations before her own have been asking for a while.: “Why do we make ourselves dependent on a virtual illusory world?” Nena Schink wants to know why a generation that has every opportunity voluntarily sexualizes itself.

She has immersed in the sparkling Instagram world, has met the influencers in reality, visited their glittering events and immediately decided to “do something about this illusory world”. Her message: “Stop being a follower. Become an influencer of your own life. ” If it is up to her, the world doesn’t need influencers at all. In her lecture “Influencer Marketing: Save Your Money!”, She calls for a complete break with influencers. “Why is influencer marketing considered a magic formula?” She asks. Is she right?

Whatever you might think yourself: don’t miss Nena Schink’s exciting lectures. This clever young woman proves that Generation Y can do it differently. “Unfollow” will leave traces. Not only for Gen Y and Z.

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