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In 2017, Matthias Kröner, co-founder and head of the future-oriented Fidor Banking Group, received the CEO Award 2017 from Finance Monthly magazine. Two years later, “mk” separated from the company he founded “in response to the industry’s misconduct in and before the financial crisis.” As the German newspaper „Handelsblatt“ put it.

The entrepreneur Matthias Kröner clearly saw that the established banks with their conventional strategies developed much too slowly or not at all. Matthias Kröner sensed his chance and founded the Fin-Tech-Bank “Fidor. His idea: stand out from the crowd and “create differentiating, scalable customer added value in the financial environment by using technology.”

It has often emerged as the “oldest fintech bank in the world”, focusing on customers and technology. Fidor became a digital community bank that took advantage of social media to enable a strong, direct exchange with customers. In the shortest possible time, suggestions were not only taken up, but also implemented. Matthias Kröner is considered a mastermind and inspiring top keynote speaker. He is a visionary and implementer, who has already launched diverse, highly innovative start-ups. His mission in the banking segment: to give consumers access to banking. Away from non-transparency to a thoroughly customer-oriented, understandable approach.

The Fidor Bank under his direction was characterized by unique products and services. In the so-called Fidor Smart Community, more than 450,000 members discussed financial issues, offered savings tips or rated products. With a bonus program, Fidor Bank rewarded every customer with small amounts of money who used the platform for exchange. Essential banking processes can be completed within 60 seconds – every day of the week 24/7.

How to proceed with the bank founded by “Future Banker” Matthias Kröner will be seen. The French banking house BPCE had taken over the start-up in 2016 for around 100 million euros. “Strategic differences” were supposed to have been the reason for the separation of the new owners and Matthias Kröner.

Matthias Kröner has more time to focus on his role as keynote speaker now. That should please his audience. In any case, the man has plenty to tell. In his lectures, for example, he talks about “Open Banking – The Game Changer”, “Maximum Service – Maximum Customer Engagement”, “The Future of Banks”, or „Is M&A the Abbreviation for Murder & Assassination?“

What he is dreaming of? Sometimes, as a trained hotel expert, perhaps planning a future-oriented hotel concept. Who knows. In any case, we are looking forward to inspiring presentations and talks by top speaker and thought leader “mk” Matthias Kröner.

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