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Artificial intelligence: What exactly is behind the term?

Thilo Stadelmann is Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the ZHAW School of Engineering in Winterthur/Switzerland, where he heads the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and its “Computer Vision, Perception & Cognition” research group.

Thilo Stadelmann studied computer science in Giessen and Marburg and was awarded his doctorate in 2010 with a thesis on multimedia analysis and voice biometrics at the Philipps University of Marburg. He then worked for several years in the automotive industry in various specialist and management roles on software systems for vehicle development and driver assistance systems. His research focuses on new applications of machine learning, in particular deep learning, for a wide range of problems from industries as diverse as health, media and culture, or manufacturing. His results have won many research and publication awards, and he was honoured with his university’s teaching award for his teaching on artificial intelligence.

Thilo Stadelmann lecture topics

- Generative AI and ChatGPT
How did the current breakthrough come about and what can be learned from the behind-the-scenes economic thriller? How does the technology behind it work and what added value can it bring? How will the development continue and what should be done now?

- Artificial intelligence: What exactly is behind the term?
What shall we do with the current hype about the possibilities and the fears up to the extinction of civilisation? What are examples of very practical uses of artificial intelligence and how should we position ourselves for the future, as individuals, as a company and as society? Are there reasons why we should be hopeful and fearless about the future, even though notable people are concerned?

- Introduction to data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence
What is behind the core technologies of digital transformation and how do they work? How can you profit from them in professional use as a company, authority or organisation? What are the best practices for getting started, and what pitfalls should be avoided? Without any prior technical knowledge, the lecture will provide enough basic understanding to be able to assess the potential and limits of the technologies for oneself.

- The future of artificial intelligence
The world is in an uproar about the potential of AI, but most scenarios assume technology that is not even foreseeable today. The lecture uses many examples to highlight the weaknesses of today’s (Deep Learning) methods and shows viable paths for the coming years from the engagement with neuroscientific findings.

- Data-centric innovation
How can digital innovation succeed, what turns data into gold? The lecture shows the basics, brings surprising insights and demonstrates with many real cases.

Thilo Stadelmann is a co-founder and board member of the Data Innovation Alliance, the largest innovation network for data-driven value creation in Switzerland, and of the ZHAW Datalab, one of the first dedicated research organisations on data science in Europe, which he led until 2018. He founded the “Swiss Conference on Data Science” conference series, which brings together more than 600 experts and decision-makers from business and academia every year, and was part of the leadership of his university as the founding scientific director of the strategic digital transformation initiative. His book “Applied Data Science – Lessons Learned for the Data-Driven Business” was published by Springer in 2019.

Thilo Stadelmann is a captivating speaker who inspires his audience. He expertly talks about the background, opportunities and risks of current technology in the field of artificial intelligence, data-driven value creation and digital transformation, explains, demonstrates and shows possibilities for society, organisations and individuals. His concern is to create understanding and reduce unfounded fears so that opportunities can be seized and risks avoided. It doesn’t matter whether the participants are C-level executives, trainees, non-experts or specialists – Thilo Stadelmann skilfully understands how to respond to his audience and touch the right chord.

Thilo Stadelmann is married and the father of a son, a dedicated amateur musician, an avid kitesurfer and passionate about spirituality.

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