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Sven Göth Request now

Sven Göth – A competent voice of the changing world of life and work.

Sven Göth is CEO & Founder of the Digital Competence Lab, one of the largest decentralized expert networks in the German-speaking world.

Sven Göth supports companies and institutions that are realigning themselves with impulses and solutions. With a core focus on digital transformation, disruption and changing living and working environments, he works with clients to develop future-proof business models and strategies.

Sven Göth: " We have stopped dreaming and are managing the status quo. It's time for a change and it starts in the mind."

Sven Göth lecture topics

In lectures and workshops, Sven Göth provides inspiring impulses for your participants.

- FUTURE NOW - Skills for the 21st century.

What skills do you need as an organization to be competitive and fit for the future in the 21st century? Innovation and transformation expert Sven Göth provides clear answers on how to shape a successful future. The insights of business futurist Sven Göth are the basis for groundbreaking decisions in business and society. His presentations illustrate how technologies are changing tomorrow's ways of living and working and how to keep your bearings in a digital future. He emphasizes and illustrates with practical examples which skills are essential in the 21st century.

In this context and beyond, the question arises as to how I can prepare myself and my company for the 21st century. In his presentation, Sven Göth would like to raise your awareness of change - what will drive us in the future and what skills do you need in your company to remain competitive in the long term?

- Artificial intelligence - where is the journey going?

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and find out why the future of innovation and competition will be shaped by AI technologies in the keynote speech "AI, where is the journey going?" by business futurist Sven Göth. Similar to the unstoppable change in the market, companies are faced with a choice: adapt to the changing tides or be swept away by the wave of change. Göth will show you why the integration of AI is not only inevitable, but also crucial for companies to survive and thrive.

Sven Göth will also show you how you can use AI in your company today in a relevant and sustainable way for digital transformation and the future of your company.

- Disrupt or be disrupted.

In a world in which market landscapes are changing at breathtaking speed and new competitors are emerging seemingly overnight, business futurist Sven Göth offers clear guidance. Göth unfolds a panorama of the possibilities of how companies can not only survive within digitalization, but also stand out as beacons of innovation. In his concise keynotes, Göth breaks down the complexity of disruptive processes and sheds light on how the digitalization of our world can be a springboard for future success rather than a threat.

He conveys that mastering disruptive forces and understanding digital transformation is crucial to not only survive but thrive in today's economic landscape.

- The future can be so simple.

Business futurist Sven Göth highlights the critical skills that are essential in times of change and emphasizes the importance of forward thinking. 'Every revolution begins in the mind', says Göth, pointing out that a willingness to question perspectives and recognize the opportunities in change is at the heart of entrepreneurial success in disruptive times.

With his wealth of experience in the future, transformation and innovation, Sven Göth shows how companies can not only ride the wave of digital transformation, but actively shape it. 'Don't be the company that is overrun by change - become the company that drives change', is his forward-looking message.

- The transformation dilemma

Business futurist and transformation expert Sven Göth takes a look at the status quo with you. Sven Göth shares his view on why transformation is a current dilemma for German SMEs, while offering practical solutions and approaches on how you can overcome this dilemma. Immerse yourself in a keynote that will revolutionize your entrepreneurial thinking and challenge your perspectives on digitalization, innovation and change.

To this end, Sven Göth brings his experience in the future, transformation and innovation to show how SMEs remain the backbone of the German economy. This keynote will bridge the gap between visions of the future and your business success.

Sven Göth, in collaboration with his network, operates in the field of tension between past and future to shape the future viability of organizations sustainably and successfully - the future is a team sport.

As a business futurist, Sven Göth deals with the development of new and disruptive business models and idea generation processes across all sectors that will be important for companies and institutions in five to ten years' time. His and his team's findings form the basis for decisions in business, politics and society.

Sven Göth: "Companies need a reliable idea of which key drivers will have a lasting impact on their business model, customer engagement and the new ways of working."

Can we think the future? Over 400 presentations to over 300,000 people in over 300 companies, teaching at European universities and colleges, over a dozen company start-ups, ongoing consultancy and advisory board activities and a constant stream of new ideas and inspiration for business and society - that's Sven Göth. Every keynote is a window into the world of innovation and transformation.

The expert for transformation and change, keynote speaker and business futurist Sven Göth makes it clear in his lectures and workshops why companies should initiate change processes and innovations for the future now in order to secure the decisive competitive advantages for the coming years.

He brings with him a wealth of experience from over 15 years of futurology, corporate and strategy consulting. Bring the perspectives of over 1000 companies onto your stage and into your processes.

Sven Göth is best known for his ability to recognize emerging trends and technologies and to help companies use these tools to develop new business models and stay one step ahead of the competition. He is an outspoken advocate of the potential of artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform the way businesses operate and compete.

You see: The future can be so simple.

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