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Steffi Burkhart: Young people are crazy! But good.

Steffi Burkhart knows why the world of business can no longer afford to ignore Generations Y and Z. It is because this topic is too existential, the discussion too far-reaching.

It spans the entire changing world of work, and this is where Gen Y has adopted a pioneering role – by challenging existing models of success in work and leadership, teaching the fledgling internet to walk, building a digital reality and transposing its game rules onto the analogue workplace. Gen Y-ers are ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ thinkers, lead more varied lives and have learnt at an early age how to deal with a growingly complex world.

Lecture topics Steffi Burkhart:

- The young are crazy! - Modern demands on work and leadership. Young people as drivers of cultural change in society and the world of work.
- Attracting and retaining young talent: What kind of rethinking, what kind of measures are important in order to position oneself attractively for young talents?
- The mindset and worldview of the Millennials generations (Generation Y & Z)
- How the demographic development influences our economy
- Why executives often confuse managing people with managing technology
- The transformation towards a digital corporate culture
- Support the Girls - in politics, business and science
- Millennials as a key driver of modern customer behavior

In her presentations, Steffi Burkhart does away once and for all with commonly held myths and prejudices. She makes a scientifically backed up, energetic plea against the casual dismissal of Gen Y-ers. And with her blend of authentic vitality and solid knowledge, Steffi Burkhart arouses the intellect and provides essential insights. She shows businesses how they can enhance their attractiveness as employers for young people and create an atmosphere that fosters a motived, high-performance mind-set among young employees.

Steffi Burkhart knows what she’s talking about. A bona-fide GEN Y-er herself, she spent two unhappy years at a large corporation before joining a start-up, where she devoted three years to building up and heading a leadership academy. For more than two years now, Steffi Burkhart has been exploring and examining the change in culture and values within society and the workplace, and why young people are one of its most important driving forces.

Standing on her own two feet professionally since 2016, Steffi Burkhart teaches business psychology at the University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Business HMKW in Cologne. She is also an ambassador for the Arbeit50plus Initiative, collaborates with the consultancy nextpractice and enriches the world of business with a wealth of experience. Steffi Burkhart is a sought-after guest on German television (WDR, MDR, DW, ZDF), at panel discussions (with personalities such as Julia Klöckner or Götz Werner), at associations (INQA, BVMW, VDU), on the big stage (MMM, Handelsblatt, Monster, science awards, GEDANKENtanken) and at SMEs (Witzig Company, Livit AG, E.D.E) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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