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Rahel Kindermann takes you on the inspiring True North Star-Journey.

Rahel Kindermann is an entrepreneur, former musician, certified systemic coach, change manager and holds a Master in Leadership and Management. As a private pilot, she always had a vision and wish, her personal True North Star: to land once with the plane on a highway in Alaska.

Tools from the cockpit like the #clearedtoland success principle finally helped her to realize this vision in 2022.

Rahel Kindermann’s lectures and workshops are uniquely emotional, instructive and open your eyes to important topics such as meaning and purpose in your daily work. It is not uncommon that after a lecture or workshop a new direction in professional or private life arises. Because what is your “Purpose”, your “Why” as an organization, as a team and/or as a person? What do we get up for in the morning and what do we burn for?

Rahel Kindermann Presentation Topics

- The North Star Journey – How do you set and achieve goals with your team?
- Ready for Take-Off: To be able to reach new heights, throw off ballast.
- Communication in the team: Clarity creates room for maneuver
- Willpower, courage, perseverance and decision making: Decision Making under pressure
- Reset the compass: The flight plan to success
- Change the Flight Plan: What is your Plan B for the Unforeseen?

In aviation, the course that points directly across the geographic meridian to the geographic North Pole is called True North and is the basis for flight planning as pilots. Because of the disturbing influences that can deviate from the flight course – among other things the wind, against which one “holds out” – the heading almost always differs from the actual “True North course line”.

So, during the voyage, it is important to include these “disturbances” in the flight planning and to correct the heading accordingly en route in order to reach the destination as planned. The same applies to reaching the vision, the True North Star. The parallels in professional as well as in private everyday life.

Rahel Kindermann takes her audience on a journey to an answer to these important questions:

- How can you become the best you can be as an organization, as a team, and as a person?
- How can you best realize your potential as an organization, as a team and as a person?
- How can you achieve your goals despite all the adversities in everyday life, in business, in the economy and in politics?
- What is your North Star?
- What is your flight plan in everyday life?

The image of the “True North Star”, the “North Star” for a vision can be found among others in Kaizen (jap. kai “change, transformation”, zen “for the better”; “change for the better”). Kaizen thus refers to both a philosophy of life and work and a methodological concept centered on striving for continuous and infinite improvement.

The goal of the lecture and the workshop is to do the things in small steps that bring an individual, or the team and/or the organization closer to the North Star, to their vision. By means of a “TRUE NORTH STAR JOURNAL”, participants continue to work on their own Purpose, their own North Star, for a few weeks after a workshop.

#Clearedtoland – Learning from pilots. Actionable tools and inputs from the cockpit.

True North Star is the reference point where we as a company and as a team can align our actions in the organization at all levels and focus on a common point of view. As a vision, the North Star directs the focus to the behavior of all acting persons and gives them a very clear direction to which all decisions are oriented.

Rahel Kindermann has made it. In the fall of 2022, she was able to turn her vision and wish into reality. She flew to Alaska and took training lessons with Missy Lee, CEO of Alaska Floats & Skis in Talkeetna, to finally be able to land on a highway in Alaska.

Experience Rahel Kindermann in an inspiring lecture with breathtaking pictures, video clips and goosebump moments. The learnings from the lecture and workshop for you and your company are so diverse that you will tell and benefit from them for a long time.

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