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Peter Lüder Request now

Peter Lüder: How would Johnny Depp present?

Peter Lüder is a theater director and has led over 50 theater projects through creative chaos and unforeseen setbacks to successful premieres. Today, as one of Germany's most renowned presentation coaches, he successfully brings people onto the stage of life.

Taking charge of and leading one's own life makes us strong as a personality and enables us to bring projects to a successful conclusion.

Peter Lüder Lecture topics:

What carries you is not the legs alone. How to take control of your life.
In our daily lives as well as at work we are constantly challenged by the unexpected. As directors of our own lives, we embrace the challenges and bring our projects to a good end.

How would Johnny Depp present? What makes you convincing in speeches and on the stage of life.
Actors learn how to make their full impact on audience members. This skill can be transferred to situations in life and work: to lectures, presentations, and performances on the stage of life. Theater is a treasure trove for successful speaking.

But how do we become successful directors in our own lives?

Based on his moving story, Peter Lüder teaches his listeners the elements of successful directing and life leadership. It all began when he was seriously injured in a car accident. His life was saved in the intensive care unit, but when he returned from the coma he learned that he had lost a leg. Through his journey from that ground zero, through setbacks and self-doubt, back to the stage of life, the listener understands how he himself can deal with the unexpected, with change, and with strokes of fate. Enriched by theatrical anecdotes, he learns how to get closer to the goal of living and working powerfully and self-determined.

Peter Lüder is concerned to show his listeners how much is possible. That a person can master the many demands of life by finding what carries him over the shoals of life. That it is possible to develop a vision and a clear focus on goals while having fun. That it is possible to draw strength from this, to take responsibility for oneself and others. And that it is possible to overcome the fear of failure with his creative approach from the theater.

In this way, his listeners learn how to come to terms with themselves, become directors of their own lives, and meet life's challenges confidently and actively.

Peter Lüder Books:

In his book "Was dich trägt - sind nicht die Beine allein" (What carries you - are not the legs alone), published in 2021, he shows people where they get the strength to take direction of their own lives and successfully follow their own path in life and work.

In his 2014 book "How Would Johnny Depp Present. What you can learn from actors for your presentation" he transfers the craft of actors and directors to presentations and speeches in business.

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