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Pero Mićić - The Map of the Future

Pero Mićić is internationally recognized as a leading expert in future management.

He is the founder and CEO of FutureManagementGroup AG and Professor of Foresight and Strategy at Steinbeis University in Berlin. Dr. Pero Mićić advises the management teams and future experts of large corporations and leading medium-sized companies on future markets and future strategies and their realization.

Pero Mićić: "Leaders in business and politics must offer a positive picture of the future, because leadership does not work without VIsion. Those who see a bright future ahead of them achieve more, are happier and even healthier."

He is a keynote speaker at professional conferences and celebratory events in cities such as Mexico, Houston, Washington, Warsaw, London, Paris, Barcelona, Budapest, Prague, Moscow, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. He studied Economics and Future Studies in Germany and the US and earned his PhD in the UK on "Phenomenology of Future Management in Top Management Teams."

The Map of the Future - "Look into the future and you will know what to do today."

Lectures by Pero Mićić are future-oriented and important, especially in disruptive markets and the world of startups. How can you safeguard your business against surprises from disruptive competitors? How do you ensure success in future markets and recognize as well as profit from future opportunities at an early stage? And what does an intelligent future strategy for your company look like, so that you can build competitive advantages with a clear mission and unique positioning?

Pero Mićić presentation topics

The map of the future - how trends and technologies are changing business and society

- The trend system behind the strategies of leading companies.
- Here's how these trends and technologies will change your life, profession and business.
- Benefit from artificial intelligence, robotics & co., personally, professionally and in business.
- Become future-competent. This is how you keep an eye on the trends easily and simply.

Bright Future Business - How to future-proof your business.

- Eight characteristics of a business with a bright future.
- How to achieve the most important goals: Success, security, joy.
- How to profit from trends and technologies of the future.
- How to secure yourself against disruptive attacks.
- How to make your offer unique and unrivaled.
- This is how you make your company many times more valuable.

How to lead your team in a forward-looking way - You cannot lead without a picture of the future.

- How to develop a meaningful mission and motivating vision for yourself and your company.
- How to create a corporate culture that is fit for the future.
- How to win your employees for your future strategy.
- What can cause the implementation of your strategy and renewal to fail and how you can still succeed.

How to get fit for the working world of the future

- These are the successful industries and companies of the future. Is yours one of them?
- This is what you need to learn and be able to do to be a sought-after expert (wmd) in the future.
- This is what you need to forget and let go of in order to be fit for the future.
- This is how you provide for your old age without saving more.

The year 2067 - This is why we will live better in the future than ever before.

- How much fear of the future is justified?
- These are the smart solutions to people's big problems and desires.
- Your best advice to your friends and children.
- This is what we can learn from history for the future.
- Therefore, you can be confident about the future.

Act with focus in the here and now: Invest the resources of mind, time and money more effectively with a future strategy so that you and your teams can paint a motivating picture of the future. There are many trend researchers and futurologists. For future manager Pero Mićić, their ideas and scenarios are initially just raw material. Only when future knowledge is made effective today does it really have value.

Pero Mićić's books include "How we screw up our future every day" (International Book Award), "The Five Futures Glasses" (Most Significant Futures Work Award); "The Future Radar" and "The Future Manager". He studied Economics and Future Studies in Germany and the USA and earned his PhD in the UK.

Pero Mićić is a lecturer at renowned universities and academies and a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and congresses.

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