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Nena Schink: Unfollow.

Nena Schink, born in 1992, is a business journalist. In her private life she is committed to Female Empowerment and presented the format “Germany’s Business Women” for the Handelsblatt Media Group. She is currently in front of the camera for BILD Live.

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Influencer Marketing: Save your money
The market volume for influencer marketing in the DACH region will amount to 990 million euros in 2020. Almost all companies no longer think they can do without Instagram. But, is this really true? Does an engineering company really need a social media manager? Is it wise to make yourself dependent on Instagram and thus on the tech giant Facebook? Why is Influencer marketing considered a magic formula? Would you rather invest your marketing budget in your own story telling? The speakers opinion: Save your money. Don’t work with influencers.

UNFOLLOW: How Instagram is destroying your life
Instagram is no longer a new phenomenon, but with 1 billion users one of the most important networks in the world. The lecture focuses the spotlight directly on the unfiltered truth of virtual madness. Those who have stayed away from the platform so far can learn a lot about the mechanisms – and masochisms. And those who are already active on Instagram may seriously doubt after the lecture whether the self-portrayal of alleged influencers really deserves so much attention.

Generation Y and Generation Z: a life for the spotlight
A young woman is painting her fingernails. The color: red. Then she is turning to load the dishwasher. This is certainly no breaking news. But the girl, let’s call her Sarah, documents all of this with her camera. She wants everybody to see her doing this. Sounds strange but it is true. At least on Instagram. In this digital sphere the banalities of everyday life become a stage for the satisfaction of one’s own addiction. It has never been so easy to stage yourself. 71 percent of Instagram users worldwide are younger than 35 years. Their user behavior on Instagram reveals much about Generation Y and Generation Z.

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An extract from her moderations
- Fit Tech Summit 2019, Munich
- Pioneer of Lifestyle Event 2019, Frankfurt
- Assistentinnenkongress 2019, Cologne
- „A cashless society?“ for Think Young, Brussels
- Building my tomorrow 2018, Cologne
- Ada Love Lace Festival 2018, Berlin
- C-Level Suite, Handelsblatt Media Group 2018, Berlin

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