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Miriam Rickli Request now

Miriam Rickli: Time to Shine.

Miriam Rickli moderates many major national and international events for well-known companies in German and English. From IT and tourism to Industry 4.0 and automotive. Miriam Rickli inspires with her likeable manner.

In recent years, Miriam Rickli has hosted various entertainment programs in Switzerland (SRF 2, Sat.1) and Germany (ProSieben).

She also won the Teleboy Award for the SRF program wild@7. Whether in boots on a farm, for a TV duel on the race track or in a rice pan at the Wok World Cup. The likeable presenter feels at home in many areas. At business events, she discusses artificial intelligence, blockchain or the effects and potentials of digitalization with renowned experts.

Book Miriam Rickli as an experienced moderator - her expertise:

- Gala
- Corporate event
- Digitalization
- Marketing
- Lifestyle
- Entertainment
- Automotive & Technology

Miriam Rickli provides tips for your successful appearance as a speaker & coach - book Miriam Rickli now for a presentation, workshop or coaching.

Time to Shine - Winning people with a convincing appearance

Our body language has a great influence on how others see us. "The key to success is often not what we say, but how we say it." Miriam Rickli has already been convincing on stage as a presenter for 10 years and has led through many international congresses, discussions and events in the past years. With passion and practical tips, she also helps others to make a successful appearance. She is convinced that her audience can also learn a positive impact. In her interactive workshops & coaching sessions, she takes the audience on an informative and entertaining journey, explaining how to become a successful speaker with the right presentation. Would you also like to gain credibility and confidence? Then don't miss the lecture.

"Win people over with a convincing effect."

Miriam Rickli: "I am convinced that a special event experience binds customers emotionally to a company - as a presenter, I am happy to support this!"

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