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Michaela Merk Request now

Agile Leadership and transforming Teams from Good to Great

Michaela Merk: Emotional intelligence & leadership in the high-end sector. Acquiring these skills was the initial spark for her extraordinary journey that has taken her to the top as an international expert, speaker & trainer.

Her approach is customized because she knows that success lies in the nuances of each person and each brand. With her keen eye for results and details, she helps entrepreneurs and managers create successful moves with emotional intelligence and with an eye on organizational change or innovation.

Michaela Merk: "In the digital age, turn employees into brand ambassadors who inspire customers in the long term through emotional intelligence and excellence."

Dr. Michaela Merk is an international professional speaker, trainer, author and professor in the fields of sales, brand and digital excellence. She supports companies in transforming their sales and service staff into brand ambassadors in order to provide digitalized customers with an unforgettable brand experience.

Michaela Merk Lecture topics

- From employee to brand ambassador - The art of achieving top performance with relationship intelligence

- 360° excellence in sales and service - How to find, manage and develop your brand ambassadors for top performance

- Service excellence in the digital age - A strategic challenge for modern brands

- Employee management in times of change - Relationship strategies for more motivation and identification with the company

- The new reality in retail - innovations and trends in the digital age

Michaela Merk: "Digitalization requires more humanity."

Learning leadership, especially in difficult times. How you can use relationship intelligence to strengthen your company and prepare it for the future. The key changes that managers will have to master in the future. What qualities managers need to develop in order to master increasing global change and inspire employees to achieve new goals. How relationship intelligence in leadership strengthens and stabilizes the entire company environment.

Michaela Merk gained her expert knowledge by managing and coordinating up to 1,000 salespeople for premium and luxury groups (L'Oréal, Estée Lauder Companies, Marionnaud), whose products are bought by the most demanding customers. She also advises and supports companies on their path to digitalization in order to meet the new global sales requirements.

Michaela Merk: "The transformation of the corporate world with relational intelligence."

Michaela Merk is one of the world's most sought-after speakers and trainers. She speaks to thousands of people in over 20 countries every year. Her speaking languages are German, English and French. In her dynamic keynotes and always interactive seminars and workshops, she fascinates with her in-depth knowledge, application-oriented content and her charismatic, winning personality. Her clients include L'Oréal, LVMH, Chanel, Rolex, Four Seasons Hotels, Nespresso, Pierre Fabre and franchise chains in the real estate sector such as Laforêt.

The sales & customer experience: "Imagine a world where sales people are able to connect with customers and fulfill their deepest needs through a unique experience."

Michaela Merk is also a marketing professor at the University of Paris Dauphine and gives guest lectures at renowned universities such as ESSEC, the University of St Gallen and the International University of Monaco. Michaela Merk holds a doctorate in marketing from the Sorbonne/HEC. She is the author of the management book "Luxury Sales Force Management" (Palgrave Macmillan), the best guide for a successful leader within a company.

Dr. Michaela Merk was awarded the title CSP - Certified Speaking Professional, the highest award given by the American National Speakers Association.

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