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Markus Blum: To achieve goals needs above all PASSION and a strong TEAM!!!

Markus Blum – The longing for adventure and exploring the worlds of nature.

At the latest since the SRF DOK program “Auf und davon” the family of Markus & Sabrina Blum is a household name. Among outdoor enthusiasts they were already known from their extremely successful lecture tours with Explora, the portal for the best travel and adventure shows in Switzerland. With their friendly manner and always with the necessary pinch of humor, they inspired a large audience. On these lecture tours through German-speaking Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Markus Blum inspired more than 30`000 people.

Since then Markus Blum has been a sought-after speaker. Markus Blum likes to tell with a lot of enthusiasm about the impressive adventures in Greenland, in the wilderness of Canada & the outback of Australia, accompanied by fantastic pictures and exciting film clips, extremely authentic.

Are the challenges in the wilderness comparable to the challenges and obstacles in the business world or in private life? In impulse presentations for companies and teams, Markus Blum finds many parallels to the “normal” world by integrating topics such as “team life”, “goal achievement” or “crises and their opportunities” into the presentation.

Markus Blum presentation topics

- Teamlife: Achieving goals does not always go according to plan
- Plan B: Rethinking strategies – ongoing
- Resilience: Survival in the wilderness and in the company
- Risk management – courage to do: leaving the comfort zone
- Teamwork: Crises, opportunities and how teams can flexibly deal with stress and uncertainty.
- Decision-making in the wilderness and in the company – The consequences are often incalculable

Greenland Expedition 2022

Markus Blum on the Greenland Expedition in the spring of 2022, crossing the world’s largest island from west to east on the inland ice.

When Markus Blum, after the steep ascent through the glacier labyrinth, suddenly saw the gigantic plateau of the Greenland ice sheet in front of him, he could not get out of his amazement: this unbelievable vastness, a dimension that cannot really be expressed on any picture.

Very quickly Markus Blum realizes that his life depends on his sled, or rather the contents of it. It is not that he can simply do or leave as he pleases. Since the first step of this expedition Markus Blum knows that he has to follow rules and procedures.

The only freedom he had was to decide whether he wanted to do it or not! Ahead of Markus Blum lay 560km to the east coast and a landscape that will never change until there.

It forms me the storms, the never-ending wind, the merciless sun and the endless white, which wants to show him how small and insignificant he actually is! His senses are completely irritated. Nothing approaches him, nothing pulls past him. This almost triggers the feeling of being a prisoner rather than a free man.

But Markus Blum did not come here to experience “freedom”. Rather, he had to come there “free” in order not to sink – free from the ballast and the problems of everyday life, which are not allowed to take up any space here, although there would be space enough! He had to direct his focus 100% on the here and now – everything else would be senseless, dangerous and mere waste of energy.

Out in nature in Greenland there are clear rules and structures and it takes discipline to get to the other side. Just as it is to reach other goals.

But it takes one thing above all: PASSION and a strong TEAM!!!

Canada – Life in the wilderness

Which real outdoor fan doesn’t dream of the legendary wilderness of Canada! Markus & Sabrina Blum have fulfilled exactly this dream. Inspired by the world bestseller “The Snow Child” by adventurer Nicolas Vanier, the Swiss family goes on a great journey and follows the tracks of the Snow Child in his homeland.

On a farm they learn how to handle riding and pack horses, which are essential for survival. Together with their 18-month-old daughter and five freshly purchased horses, they ride through the magnificent mountain world without meeting a single human being. Despite the heavily loaded horses and the food they carry, the family relies on nature for sustenance. Often their food consists of what they have caught or hunted: Fish, black grouse and ptarmigan.

On their way they pass countless adventures until they finally find the fantastically situated small log cabin at Lake Thukada. In the past years, the young family has lived not only in summer and autumn, but also in deep winter and risky spring in the Cassiar Mountains in Western Canada and also spent many months in the log cabin at Thukada Lake.

To dreamlike pictures and exciting film clips the “dropout” tells the authentic story from the lonely wilderness of Canada.

Markus Blum in Australia – With camels through the outback

After their Canadian travels, Markus & Sabrina Blum wanted to set out on another horse adventure with their two daughters. But a new idea was needed when the youngest got a horse allergy. The new plan: to cross the outback in Australia – with camels and a covered wagon. Six months of preparation on site and a three-month tour through impressive desert landscapes followed.

In November 2016, the Blum family sets off for Australia. While the children Amira and Naira go to school in the small South Australian town of Hawker, Markus & Sabrina Blum begin to train untamed camels that come directly from the desert on a farm. Dealing with the still wild, stubborn animals and temperatures up to 50° Celsius, demanded everything from them.

After six months of hard work, great perseverance and also many setbacks, Markus & Sabrina harness the camels in front of the specially built wagon and move with their children for three months through the impressive desert areas of Australia. Also on this travel experience they trust completely in themselves and in the reliability of the animals, far away from the rhythm of everyday life.

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