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Maike van den Boom Request now

Maike van den Boom: Happy Employees - Successful Companies.

Maike van den Boom is one of Europe's best-known happiness researchers. She is a keynote speaker, Scandinavian expert and media expert for happy companies. Her clients include non-profit companies, medium-sized businesses, large corporations such as banks and insurance companies, as well as numerous family businesses from Germany, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Recently, she cracked the code of happiness and success of the Scandinavians: She shows us success factors of the countries that have long been where we want to be in terms of modern working.

Charming, cheeky and captivating, Maike van den Boom gives you her first-hand knowledge. Stories that touch you and wisdom that takes you further.

Right now you need to master challenges like:
- to maintain the team spirit and the "we" feeling in the company,
- finding a new life balance and keeping stress under control,
- dealing with new leadership tasks, letting go and trusting others,
- to learn self-leadership and to take responsibility
- to create new values and value together

Maike van den Boom's goal is to make people happier. To do so, she traveled the globe in search of the secret of the 13 happiest countries in the world. Her book "Wo geht's denn hier zum Glück?" (Fischer-Verlage) spent 25 weeks on the SPIEGEL bestseller list in 2015. But already in 2016 she set off again, this time accompanied by a TV team. For two years, three countries of happiness, 30 companies, 300 people and experts. In 2018, her new book "Eight Hours More Happiness" was published. It takes you to the Scandinavians, the happiest and most successful people in Europe. World market leaders and model countries in terms of digitalization, innovation, sustainability and education system.

Maike van den Boom: What can we do differently to match the Vikings? Her short answer is: Everything.

Maike van den Boom presentation topics

For Maike van den Boom every lecture is tailor-made to guarantee you the best possible benefit. Here you can get an idea of the possible lecture topics:

The success code of successful companies

How the Vikings conquer the world together.

How the Nordics are already shaping our future.

Why the North wins through humanity.

About the values for a happy life.

Tailored to your questions, the half-Dutch and Swedish by choice will crack the Scandinavian happiness and success code before your eyes. So that you and your team can master the future challenges of the working world with ease. Nordic Leadership.

Why Maike van den Boom
Maike van den Boom combines on-site researched knowledge from her interviews with a captivating naturalness and charismatic charisma. She not only reports, she also immediately shows how it works through her own appearance. No dry studies, no short-term promises of success, but sustainable down-to-earth inspiration with a lot of humor that moves people and, above all, stays with them for a long time.

Your benefit with Maike van den Boom
Maike van den Boom shows what makes people in general and especially employees/leaders happy. These are the same factors that make companies and entire countries successful and fit for the future. Not to mention that happy people are on average 20 percent more productive. Happy countries and happy companies benefit from optimal potential development, successful team work as well as courageous, future-oriented and creative thinking and working. Maike van den Boom shows you what is important and creates a longing for change that lies deeper than simple motivation.

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