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Leo Martin Request now

Leo Martin: Secret weapon trust: The Art of Binding People to Yourself.

Leo Martin is a former secret agent, criminologist & rhetoric expert.

Leo Martin, born in 1976, studied criminal science and worked for a major German intelligence agency for ten years. During this time he uncovered explosive cases of organized crime. His special assignment was to recruit and lead informants. As an expert in subconscious patterns of thought and action, Leo Martin persuaded strangers to trust him, to reveal their most secret insider knowledge and to cooperate with the service on a long-term basis.

Leo Martin lecture topics

- Secret weapons of communication: How to win people over.
- Secret weapons of communication: Winning over employees for change
- Secret weapons of communication: Gentle strategies with a resounding effect
- Mission people knowledge: The art of reading people
- Mission Confidence

His book "Ich krieg dich! Winning People Over - An Ex-Agent Reveals the Best Strategies" quickly became a SPIEGEL bestseller.

Leo Martin is currently presenting his lecture program "Secret Weapons of Communication: Gentle Strategies with a Resounding Effect" and "Secret Weapon Trust: The Art of Binding People to Yourself" he is a regular guest at the top events of leading companies.

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