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Kai Dahlhaus: High Performance in Sports and in Business.

Kai Dahlhaus is a triathlon world champion, engineer and co-initiator of a startup.

In addition to top-class sports, he completed a dual study program to become an industrial engineer. At the same time, he was involved in the co-initiation of a Swiss startup. As a result, he has gained a lot of experience not only in sports, but also in business, walking the fine line between high performance and overload.

Today, Kai Dahlhaus is a keynote speaker and co-initiator of one of the fastest growing startups in the field of communication, the Swiss Academy SACT AG, also known as the Speaker Academy.

As an expert for discipline and willpower, he is not only a keynote speaker but also a coach and shows what business can learn from top sports.

Kai Dahlhaus Lecture Topics

- High performance vs. long performance and being happy
- Top sports and entrepreneurship
- Willpower and Discipline – The Art of Denial
- Victory and defeat: The sweet pain of the runner-up

Kai Dahlhaus core topic is the tightrope walk between high performance, which leads to peak performance, and overload, which can lead to burnout. He has delved deep into the science of discipline and has a different approach than most experts who talk about discipline. Here, his extensive knowledge from elite sports supports him. He has developed techniques on how to transfer this knowledge from top sport to business. This is what Kai Dahlhaus talks about in his keynotes.

Kai Dahlhaus doesn’t see discipline as an enemy, or something unpleasant, like most people. He has learned how to make discipline our friend, our ally.

His core message here is that when it comes to discipline, it’s not just biting through and being disciplined, but most importantly, it’s the proper use of breaks that can make the difference between winning and losing.

The question Kai Dahlhaus asks is, “Do we want to be successful as quickly as possible at any cost, or do we want to be successful and happy in the long run?”

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