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Frank Thelen: The startup DNA - fall down, stand up & change the world.

Frank Thelen is a European serial founder, technology investor and TV personality. He has been founding and managing technology and design-driven companies since 1994. In his role as founder and CEO of Freigeist Capital, he focuses on early-stage investments. His products have reached over 100 million customers in over 60 countries.

Freigeist was the first investor in startups such as Lilium Aviation, Wunderlist, Xentral, Endurosat and Kraftblock. In 2018, Frank published his autobiography "Startup DNA" at the age of 42, followed by "10xDNA" in 2020. Frank is the initiator and Chief Executive Officer of the 10xDNA Disruptive Technologies funds.

Frank Thelen presentation topics

- Digital trends: Technology of tomorrow
- Disruptive Technologies - The tools for a sustainable future
- 10 x DNA - The Mindset of the Future
- Modern technologies: This is what our life will look like in the future
- The world of startups: But what comes when startups become companies?
- Digitization was today. What's next?

10xDNA describes the mindset required to embrace and leverage the technological advances and innovations ahead. With the exponential development of artificial intelligence, robotics, 5G and other disruptive technologies, our world will change dramatically in the next 10 years. Air cabs, autonomous driving, lab-grown meat and 3D-printed homes are no longer science fiction.

Those who understand and implement these technologies will be at the forefront of your industry as entire industries are upended. In his presentation, Frank Thelen gives an insight into the latest, technological developments and an outlook on the world of the future that will be created as a result.

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