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Dani Arnold - The parallels from mountaineering to entrepreneurship

Dani Arnold is extreme mountaineer, speed climber and mountain guide.

Dani Arnold has been living his passion for 20 years: extreme mountaineering. Expeditions have taken him all over the world to challenging routes in rock and ice.

Born in 1984, professional mountaineer and mountain guide Dani Arnold, preferred in 2011 to hang up his job as a machine mechanic and follow an unknown path in the mountain world. It was like a return to his roots, as he grew up at 1700 meters, high above the Schächen valley, and went to school every day by cable car down to the valley. Mountaineering: Expeditions, rock climbing, ice climbing in various countries around the world is his passion.

"It's worth taking a risk to achieve your dreams" - with this attitude, great will and technical ability, he was able to set alpine milestones.

Dani Arnold Lecture topics

What drives him? How does he deal with defeats or prepare for his projects? No matter what industry you come from. Parallels to mountaineering are everywhere.

Mountaineering is about tactics and calculated risks, about courage and discipline, about leading others and oneself, about curiosity, open eyes and joy. In the lecture, he takes the audience on a journey to hard-to-reach places in pictures and words. He lets you participate in challenges that seem impossible, while conveying his passion for the mountains and adventure.

Dani Arnold tries to combine speed and difficulty in his projects. Not only in summer, especially in winter he is looking for his limits. Some cornerstones of his life: speed records on the Eiger, Matterhorn and Grandes Jorasses north faces, first ascents in Patagonia, Alaska, Pakistan and China. He is particularly proud of the mixed routes he has climbed in Scotland. "The Hurting" and "Anubis" are technically and psychologically some of the most demanding there is.

Dani Arnold: The mountains are brutally honest. "If you're too bad, you don't get up there. There are no excuses, you alone are always the culprit."

Despite some defeats and unsuccessful expeditions, Dani Arnold never lost the joy of mountaineering and the appreciation of the beauty of the mountains.

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