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Dani Arnold - The parallels from mountaineering to entrepreneurship

Dani Arnold has been living his passion for more than 20 years: extreme mountaineering. Expeditions all over the world have taken him to challenging routes in rock and ice. Speed records on all the great north faces of Europe... The combination of speed and complexity appeals to him.

Dani Arnold is one of the best and most experienced mountaineers in the world. His charisma and wealth of experience are unique and the perspectives he has gained are captivating. He has learned many instructive lessons on his expeditions, the essence of which he shares with his listeners in an exciting way. Dani Arnold is a passionate storyteller who loves being close to people and captivates his listeners.

Born in 1984, professional mountaineer and mountain guide Dani Arnold decided in 2011 to give up his job as a machine mechanic and follow an unknown path in the mountains. It was like a return to his roots, as he grew up at 1700 meters, high above the Schächental and went to school every day by cable car down into the valley.

Dani Arnold: "It's worth taking a risk to achieve your dreams" - With this attitude, great willpower and technical ability, he was able to set alpine milestones.

Dani Arnold Lecture topics

What drives him? How does he deal with defeats or prepare for his projects? No matter what industry you come from. There are parallels between mountaineering and the world of work everywhere.

- The duel on the precipice - risk management
- Moving mountains: Overcoming challenges and pushing boundaries
- Mental strength - solving problems with positive thinking and resilience

Mountain climbing is about tactics and calculated risks, about courage and discipline, about leading others and yourself, about curiosity, open eyes and joy. In his lecture, he takes the audience on a journey to hard-to-reach places in pictures and words. He shares seemingly impossible challenges and conveys his passion for the mountains and adventure. Successfully realizing visions and ideas means clever strategy and planning in order to exploit the available potential. Commitment and activity bring dreams to life. Perseverance and self-confidence allow you to draw strength even from "defeats". Values and goals support the development of the big picture.

The four important learnings in mountaineering for life in the company

- Say YES - courage to take the first step
- Mental strength & resilience - Believe in yourself
- Work-life - A healthy balance between work and leisure time
- Planning for the unexpected

Dani Arnold tries to combine speed and difficulty in his projects. He searches for his limits not only in summer, but especially in winter. Some key points in his life: speed records on the north faces of the Eiger, Matterhorn and Grandes Jorasses, first ascents in Patagonia, Alaska, Pakistan and China. He is particularly proud of the mixed routes he has climbed in Scotland. "The Hurting" and "Anubis" are technically and mentally some of the most demanding climbs there are. He is one of the strongest extreme alpinists in the world and is considered Europe's best-known free solo climber.

Dani Arnold: The mountains are brutally honest. "If you're too bad, you won't get up. There are no excuses, you alone are always the culprit."

Expeditions, rock climbing and ice climbing in various countries around the world are his passion. Despite a few defeats and unsuccessful expeditions, Dani Arnold never lost his love of mountaineering and his appreciation of the beauty of the mountains.

In 2023, Dani Arnold's Netflix documentary was released: "Duel on the Abyss" - Just over two years ago, he completed the biggest project of his life: climbing the six great alpine north faces in record time occupied, accompanied and shaped him over a period of 10 years. All in all, the climbs took just 9 hours and 39 minutes.

With a steep mixture of images and film sequences, Dani Arnold lets the audience share in the world of the mountains. It's about success and failure on the big mountains, about tactics and feeling for the big walls and about the values and goals you need as a mountaineer. Because it is not the mountain that you conquer, but always your own self. Mountaineering is a metaphor for life and therefore leaves room for looking at daily challenges from a completely new perspective.

The length of the presentation can be arranged very flexibly and depends entirely on the client's wishes and the structure of the event. As a rule, it is between 20 minutes and one hour. Key topics can include motivation, innovation, creativity, planning, risk, team spirit and risk management. The presentation is customized according to the client's wishes.

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