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Christof Schmid: The fascination of moving stories - How to inspire others.

Christof Schmid is the story expert. He helps companies and self-employed people to bring plain language into their own communication and to become optimally visible with their core message.

“Life is about change! Who am I? Who will I be? That is the story! Accompanying this change with clarity in order to turn interested parties into enthusiastic fans of a brand and to focus on their needs and desires is the great opportunity for every company,” says the expert.

Christof Schmid managed the communication of national and international companies such as Twitter Germany for many years and worked with world stars such as Tina Turner, Phil Collins and Bryan Adams.

He is a much-booked keynote speaker by companies who captivates and inspires every audience with his storytelling method.

Christof Schmid Lecture topics:

  • Communications goes Mittelstand:
    How to win more customers and qualified employees for your company with the right communication.
  • Story Leadership: How to successfully motivate teams, promote innovation and establish an opportunity mindset with the right leadership story.
  • Future of Comms: How digitalisation is changing communication and what you need to do to stay ahead of the competition in the future

The fascination of moving stories – How to inspire others

His speeches are primarily about how the right story at the right time decisively shapes our lives and why it is so important to make this change visible.

In this way, he encourages his listeners to take their own story into their own hands, to rewrite it if necessary and to emerge as a shining hero. He also shows how important this is for every company and every brand.

“A company can no longer afford not to have an attitude in our digitalised world,” says Schmid.

He takes the audience by the hand and in the process shows how change becomes a positive part of life and thus one’s own story becomes a hero story.

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