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Carina Stöttner Request now

Carina Stöttner: How we will live in the future.

Carina Stöttner's life revolves around tomorrow on a daily basis: as a futurologist, she is concerned with how our world will be shaped in 10 years. The co-founder and Managing Director of the think tank Themis Foresight is fascinated by artificial intelligence, bots, hybrid societies and virtual interactions. Together with Themis Foresight, her mission is to inspire companies with her understanding of the future so that they can seize the opportunities of market-shaping technologies and thus help shape the future of the European and global economy.

A sociologist and media scholar by choice, Carina Stöttner lives and works in a wide variety of European cities and has developed a deep understanding of intercultural interaction and the evolution of Europe in a digital era.

Carina Stöttner Lecture Topics

- The future of shopping - B2C, D2C, B2AI?
- Human-digital teams of the future - what companies already need to consider today
- How to make friends with bots - how we will interact with AI in the future
- Time travel to the year 2035: How will we live and work in the future?

In her conviction, artificial intelligence offers more opportunities than risks - as long as the foundations for the use of the technology are properly designed at an early stage. As Generation Y, Carina Stöttner has been familiar with dealing with digital worlds since childhood and has a positive attitude toward technological innovations without losing her fundamental skepticism.

Carina Stöttner sees herself as a generalist and sees this as a clear advantage: as a futurologist, she recognizes the link between different technological innovations and industries. Instead of exploring developments in silos, she sees the future as an ecosystem in which each cog can change the overall structure.

In her previous podcast "Planet Future," Carina Stöttner has talked with interesting personalities on a variety of topics, including the future of social networks, AI ethics, metaverse, hyperloop or software development.

Carina Stöttner: "What a world we live in."

Carina Stöttner: A huge pile of interaction data generated every second on Twitter, people talking to bots and more dead than alive people on Facebook: Digitization is impacting society on more than one level. Society will face sweeping changes in the way it interacts over the next few years.

It will change how people communicate, but also how their identity is perceived, how people grieve or how they contact each other. Access to data, tools, and methods will also change dramatically for sociologists and social scientists. New forms of data will be available and new social phenomena will emerge as a result of the digital transformation.

Carina Stöttner and the team at the think tank Themis Foresight are researching the topic of communication of the future.

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