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Anselm Pahnke: Elsewhere – News from the Future.

Anselm Pahnke: "I have chosen the other path. If you have a WHY to live, you can endure almost any HOW."

Anselm Pahnke is a book author, geophysicist, adventurer and keynote speaker all at once. The Hamburg native cycled around the world for three years - alone. Most of the hours and days he spent there were spent only with himself. On his journey through Africa's deserts, he repeatedly experienced extreme situations, was confronted with his deepest fears and at the same time discovered what strengths he had within himself. The countless kilometres on the bicycle were not only a journey through Africa, they were also a great learning journey for himself. Fear and insecurity developed into trusting vigilance and the confidence to reach the next goal.

From Anselm Pahnke's personal recordings, a film emerges after his return, produced on a small budget and broadcast on Netflix. A big story has emerged from a small idea with a small camera, and it is the most successful German documentary film of recent years. Watching it, it quickly becomes clear: it's not about arriving, but about getting there. Those who venture into uncertain terrain get the chance to discover many new things, to get to know themselves better, to grow personally and to deal with the unknown.

By sharing his story in the film and in his lectures, Anselm Pahnke wants to give courage, he invites his listeners to accept uncertainties and to develop virtues like willpower and confidence. Because the best preparation for his journey into the unknown was that he actually had none. In a credible and inspiring way, the likeable Freiburg native conveys that large plans and projects do not have to be completely thought through in advance and that this makes little sense in times of constant change. Ideas and visions remain ineffective as long as they are not translated into action. It's all about getting started and moving forward step-by-step. And those who do this with enthusiasm develop a very special creative power.

Anselm Pahnke - Lecture: Live safely or experience yourself?

The crowning glory of his expeditions are his lectures, which he takes his audience on. They pick people up in today - a state of knowledge, a lifestyle, a set of feelings and values - and bring them to tomorrow. To your idea. To your answer. Or your vision. Surprising, visually powerful, emotional and profound.

What do you learn?

  • Courage
    Out of safety, into the unknown.
  • Enthusiasm
    Living safely or experiencing yourself?
  • Dare
    Accepting the unknown and setting out.
  • Renunciation
    How less leads to more and gives you wings.
  • Inner Confidence - The Fine Art of Self-Leadership
    A guide on how to bring about change
  • Energy
    With self-confidence against resistance.
  • Intuition
    When is it worth thinking and when is it better not to?
  • Determination
    Encountering mortality as a drive.
  • Perseverance
    The unconditional will to overcome resistance.
  • From the I to the We
    Becoming self-effective to help shape the world.

"Forward to the essential: I embraced the unknown and it became my friend."

After his return, Anselm and a small team produced a film from his personal recordings without financial means, showing the power of Africa, the intense experiences and the inner development of such a journey. With 120,000 visitors, "Elsewhere. Allein in Afrika" was the most-watched German-language documentary in cinemas in 2020, and won the award for best documentary, whereupon Netflix licensed the film.

In 2022, Anselm founded a residential and cultural project in the Black Forest, where over 40 people will live. How can I create a trusted future and how do we get from the I back to the we?


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