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Anitra Eggler: Real, digital and multimedia.

"Digitization including Digital Detox: lectures that will make you forget your cell phone."

Anitra Eggler is the "most sought-after female voice on the risks and side effects of digitalization" (ORF). According to radioeins, she is "the Internet veteran who has been washed with all digital waters" (true). ZDF - host Markus Lanz announces the digital detox pioneer in his show like this: "Anitra Eggler has made a great career out of ridding the world of smartphone zombies, of which there are more and more"

"If you are looking for a talk that will fascinate your guests, make them think and inspire them completely, then Anitra Eggler is the right person for you. You have to have experienced her - words to describe this firework of charisma and joie de vivre have yet to be invented" - this is how Andreas Müller from Swiss PostFinance AG raves after a roadshow with Anitra Eggler.

Real, digital, multimedia - Anitra Eggler inspires in all formats.

The lively power woman is equally at home on big stages as in refreshingly interactive webinars: "With Anitra Eggler, everything simply fits! You experience the digital pioneer very professionally with digital media and also the top trained, energetic keynote speaker who immediately captivates her audience, even virtually. Very good presence, no one looks at their cell phone anymore!" praises Ulrike Dellen from Novartis Business Services after a digital keynote.

Anitra Eggler is an exception.

Born in Karlsruhe, Germany, the digital nomad is an exceptional phenomenon, as even a brief look at her CV shows: Anitra Eggler was the fastest sprinter at high school in Karlsruhe, obituary copywriter in Buenos Aires, journalism scholarship holder in Passau, Internet pioneer in Munich, Cyberlions juror in Cannes, "Power Woman of the Year" and inventor of digital therapy in Vienna. Startup manager, inventor, bestselling author. Always passionately on the go, always with head, heart and 'snout'.

Currently, the digital expert and bestselling author is one of the top speakers of our time - this is shown crystal clear by her references and participant votes. Anitra is relentlessly honest. Irresistibly charming. Rhetorically brilliant. Refreshingly different. Worth every euro. This feedback always comes when Anitra Eggler inspires her audience to take a smart, self-confident and self-critical approach to digitization. How does she manage to do that?

As an Internet veteran, Anitra Eggler sees and anticipates hot topics and trends earlier than others. As a digital detox pioneer, she knows from experience how her audience can best deal with them - both professionally and privately. As a creative multi-talent, she packs relevant content into perky, heart-pounding multimedia stage shows that immediately captivate all participants.

"Anitra Eggler is eloquent, witty, entertaining and manages to draw every smombie's attention away from their cell phone and towards her. A great presentation, which has a lasting effect!", is how Sabrina Schmid, HR Manager at the Swiss SBB describes the "Anitra Eggler effect".

Anitra Eggler has already inspired more than 200,000 people live so far. Hilarious and deadly serious, highly complex and yet understandable for everyone. The clever and enchantingly charming journalist and best-selling author manages a balancing act on stage that only very few speakers can pull off. Anitra Eggler is a grenade - and your guarantee for maximum event success!

Anitra Eggler is one of the most booked speakers - and she pays attention to her personal life balance: she gives a maximum of 50 presentations per year. Reserve your desired date in time!

Anitra Eggler lectures and topics:

Anitra Eggler's lectures are at least as multifaceted as digitalization. Each lecture provides valuable impulses and inspiration, courage, motivation, new insights and hearty laughs. And, most importantly: maximum practical relevance for professional and private life! In times of maximum dissolution of both, Anitra Eggler always considers both sides and creates a balance between "busy and bussi", between annual result (aka Christmas bonus) and screenlife-balance (aka enjoyment of life). Promised.

In addition to the talks, Anitra Eggler also offers two unique interactive digital deep dives that maximize digital self-management, productivity and value creation.

1. 21st Century Superpowers.
Would you like to get more done with less effort? Would you like to have more fun at work and enjoy life more? Then it's time to discover the superpowers of the 21st century! Anitra Eggler shows you how to turn off digital permanent distraction and achieve what Stanford University calls the superpower of the 21st century: Un-distractibility. Then learn how to switch off and how to use breathing - the simplest thing in the world! - as a turbo booster for your life energy. The third superpower even protects you from hacker attacks - the purse snatching of our time. This superpower almost installs itself during this keynote. Promise.

Here's what it's all about: Multitasking + digital permanent distraction = is the new doof | New Work = Deep Work = Focus = Efficiency | Undeflectability = Superpower | digital self-management 2.0 | megatrend Breathwork | Worklife balance = Screenlife balance | Crash course digital self-defense included |

The exclusive additional offer to this keynote: Anitra Egglers interactive Superpower Sprint: In 10 days unmanageable - significantly more efficiency, productivity and resilience. 5 short, efficient modules deliver valuable KPIs and give new creative power and value creation.

2. Bussi instead of busy: Survival tips for home & office warriors
How can working in a home office be productive, relaxed and successful? How do you manage children and digital communication? How do you maintain a love-life balance? With this lecture - a real motivation, communication and productivity turbo for all those who want to create more by working less. Anitra Eggler reveals the best home and office hacks to work smarter and with less stress. Treat yourself to an entertaining upgrade for your success and survival skills as a home and office warrior*!

What it's about: Home and office hacks for more focus, productivity and fun at work | Happiness hacks for communication and digital balance | Success hacks for time management, self-motivation, self-leadership and self-management.

The exclusive additional offer to this keynote: Anitra Egglers Bürokrieger*innen Bootcamp: In 28 days to the Home and Office Ninja. 6 power sessions and 6 bonus boosters for smart communication, efficient time and self management, more productivity, motivation and team spirit.

3. subject: hold mail!
THE lightning therapy for home and office warriors and all people who suffer from information and communication overload and digital permanent distraction. Immediately liberates from the most productivity-destroying diseases of homo digitalis: email madness, pointless surf syndrome, meeting malaria, presentation plague, smartphone addiction and data diarrhea.

Here's what it's all about: Get off the digital hamster wheel | Digital self-management | Digital detox | Information and communication overload | Efficiency | Productivity | Management by common sense and humanity instead of management by emails and meetings.

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