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Alex T. Steffen - Expert for Innovation and Leadership

Alex T. Steffen is a leadership and strategic innovation expert for Fortune 500 corporations and an international speaker at management events and conferences. His vision is a working world in which every human finds inspiration in their leader, feels empowered to do their best work and able to contribute to shaping a desirable future.

Alex T. Steffen Lecture topics

- Digital leadership 2030: core competencies for leaders in transition.
- Rethinking companies: the role of intrapreneurship and adaptive intelligence
- New Work & Work organization: what the company of the future looks like

Alex T. Steffen has written 3 best-selling management books. He’s a leading mind for the topic of adaptive intelligence (AQ) the #1 leadership skill of the future. Alex is on a mission to help business leaders to grow awareness, build trust, and pioneer the future.

He is a recognized expert for organizational transformation and innovation ecosystem design. Alex Steffen was also named Management Thought Leader of the year 2019.

Alex T. Steffen has seen hundreds of corporations and startups from the inside and has advised more than 1’400 CEOs and managers of international brands such as Mercedes Benz, Red Bull, and SAP around digital disruption, agile work practices and organisational excellence. Alex Steffen is also the founder of the Pioneer Leader Academy, which teaches the key leadership competencies needed in the future.

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