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John Foley might have this cliche of a Blue Angel Pilot on him, his appearance, bold head and trained body reminds of the military and the discipline that usually comes with it. But as soon as he starts to speak, putting his words thoughtfully, he turns into a wise man with a real message.

„Hopefully I am providing a message for people that is meaningful“, Foley says. We hope to give some guidance, a path how to get where people and organizations want to be. „I hope to be able to pass on a form a protection“, he continues.

Above all, John Foley sees himself as a warrior for peace. He adds smiling: „Some might see this as a soft skill but I believe that it is actually very hard.“. Because it would take a lot of strengths to bring peace into the world. The man saying these wise words used to be a Blue Angels Solo Pilot at the US Navy. The Blue Angels is the United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron which was initially formed in 1946. It is the second oldest formal flying aerobatic team in the world. John Foley saw them once, as a young guy up in the sky and took the decision to become one of them. He followed his dream.

John Foley consistently performed in an extreme, high-stakes environment, flying at speeds of more than 500 miles per hour. He was part of formations which flew as close as 18 inches. One thing he had learned is to rely on a culture of high trust and leadership. Being one of the most recognized Top-Speakers of today, John Foley employs those intense realities in his role as motivator and mind changer as a metaphor to motivate teams. He helps them reach their highest potential. John Foley is truly able to impress people by his way of being: direct, warm-hearted and always honest.

„I think I’m trying to inspire. But then I think I am not trying to inspire. I simply want to share my experiences, give a look behing the scenes and pass on my deep believe that anyone can reach whatever one wants to reach. He says phrases like: „You can can do this“, „you can reach your dreams“ or „you can go beyond what you think you are“.

He wants to make a difference in peoples life. And even though he says different, he is a true source of inspiration. He speaks about team building and success, about dynamic change and leadership 4.0, Global Trends and career, profiling and motivation, strategy and aviator, rhetoric and communication as well as team sport.

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