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Erich Artner – Resilience begins with you.

A story of change, acceptance and resilience: Changes throw us off track, it is important to find the way back. A story of destiny and resilience.

Healthy, athletic and young: Erich Artner is a competitive athlete and falls ill with Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome on December 19, 1989. He loses both lower legs and narrowly escapes death. Fate and resilience: Erich managed the step back into life. Much was no longer possible! Despite the difficulties and a long development process, which was accompanied by defeats and setbacks, he overcame the physical and psychological depths and made it through his willpower back in life.

What is resilience?

It is a natural human characteristic to respond to challenges and changes in our lives by adapting our behavior and ways of thinking. Resilience describes the process of responding to external and internal factors (e.g. trauma or fate): confronting and positively managing these things.

Resilience goes hand in hand with health, resilience, coping strategies, self-preservation and change management.

The seven pillars of resilience are different aspects/steps to master the adaptation to a new life situation. In doing so, we speak of:

1. optimism – looking positively and hopefully to a new future.
2. acceptance – letting go of the past.
3. solution orientation – not focusing on problems, but striving for solutions.
4. victim role – give up passivity and actively find new roles.
5. sense of responsibility – take initiative to achieve own goals.
6. planning for the future – plan/work out visions and ideas and stick to them.
7. network orientation – build human/social relationships from which you draw strength and motivation.

What motivates a person?

Resilience training for a strong mindset: the positive and conscious thoughts will give you the inner strength to go new ways and shed old burdens. Look for things that motivate you: Friends, personal goals, or a career change. Through the new, you will gain resilience and master upcoming challenges! Strengthening resilience also means change management.

What is important in change management?

We are confronted with ever faster changes and developments. If you want to be successful, change has to be dynamic and you have to accept it. Keyword resilience or also change management: Adaptation processes must be planned, structured and implemented! Only in this way can change succeed.

Change – Resilience – Inclusion: Hurdles are there to be overcome.

Erich Artner addresses in his lectures how to set and successfully pass through change management phases or how to master the inclusion into a new life. Take the time to actively shape change – learn more at MyKeynoteSpeaker!

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